Colin Farrell Hairstyles



Colin Farrell is an Irish actor with a dusky skin tone who portrayed himself with distinct roles on- screen. He is said to little rogue both on- screen as well as off- screen. He gained fame for his ever changing hair styles distinctly for his various roles that suit his attitude the best.


Farrell’s open straight stranded bangs that touch his smart, manly, thick black eye brows projected him hotter. His buzz cut with trimmed curves on both sides forming a arrow like mark in the middle with a tiny ring stud is the source of rogue character for one of his roles in the movie Daredevil.


His middle partitioned brown blonde which layered gave him a look as though he is fresh out of a modelling pavement with his slim suit projecting his sexy six packs with a single black stud on one of his ears.


Farrell’s back swept black sleek was seemingly dashing and stunning with his French beard with a grey party wear shirt accompanied by a black soft satin finished informal suit. His messy short spiky brown hair with a white formals and a grey suit is another astonishing look The World Premiere of Miami Vice.


Farrell’s one of the bold hairstyles is his shoulder length silky sleek, the color of which was deep black on the scalp and diminishingly brown coming down, fascinated most of them. Some of his brush cuts are also associated with a cowboy hat giving a bantam and valorous look.


Farrell’s bossy make- over with his hair being combed completely upward towards the back with a wet look supported by a hair gel with a little salt and pepper look, with white shirt and black suit along with smart black tie at the American Giving Awards 2011.


His short straight formal with a side partitioned back swept hair with his black framed spectacles and with his silver ring on ears gave a pleasant make- over, his pencil sketched beard and moustache added to the over- all smartness.


Farrells’s casual spiky hair was one of the remarkable hairstyles of his. He is generally well- known for his funky and peppy look.  And most of his styling will definitely be accompanied by brand new hair products like hair gel and so on. His slightly grown beard and moustache is adding to his funky style shows him to be manly and dusky. Whatever the hair styles may be, Farrell’s stylists always customizes every hairstyle according to the unique and distinct style for him that suits the best for his notorious features and glam. His styles are always admired by the teens of the world as they are proclaimed to be the hottest comparing all other styles of other actors as such it suits this Irish celebrity.


Concerning the fact that most of the hairstyles having its distinct techniques which are very unique and vary according to the stylists, seems to be that Farrell’s styles carry one such unique factors which makes his fans to fall for his uncommonly made exclusive hairstyles.

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