Coily Hair Hairstyles For Women

While straight is to be desired in some parts of the world due to the sleek and soft textures and easy to style nature, the other part of the world is all in for the coily kinky hair. There is unbeatable charm in women having these curly locks. This kind of hair can define a woman and her personality.

Coily hair is free and filed with so much volume while being natural. No need for the hairspray and its natural shape is more than enough. A hairspray stands no chance against this natural voluminous locks.

On a scientific note, coily hair develops from the shape of the cortex, with a flat hair. The coils are due to the disulfide bonds among the amino acids that are the basic bio-molecular components of the hair. In other words, hair is protein held together by numerous chemical bonds, among which disulfide bonds are the most important. The more the disulfide bonds, curlier the hair gets.

Women with coily hair can do much to keep their natural curls healthy and beautiful. It can be kept short or long and can be easily conformed into any shape while styling. Try all the box braids or the big braids, dreads a fro, or keep it as natural as it gets! Women with coily hair are just as beautiful and the hair can go well with just about anything.

It is a wrong notion that coily black hair is tougher than straight or wavy hair. In fact, it is more fragile as it has lesser cuticle layers. Right hair care products are a better option than straightening them. Why even bother straightening them? They look just as amazing as any type of hair.

Taking care of coily hair may be a difficult routine for most women but when well maintained, thus type of hair look nothing short of beautiful. It is important to keep the hair hydrated and well-conditioned.

While coily hair may be prone to shrinkage, smoothening treatment and styling them into braids and dreads can keep them healthy as well as give length to the hair.

Want some inspiration? Have a look at Solange Knowles with her naturally coily hair that she rocks on the carpet. She sports her full springy coils and looks so carefree, beautiful and fresh. Willow Smith is another who wears her natural coils with no shame. They are beautiful.

No matter what type of hair one has, everything looks best at their natural state. They just need some care. Take inspiration on how some women with their naturally kinky hair and free locks can flaunt it with ease and look so much more stunning. Any woman with confidence can be just as good, irrespective of coily kinky hair or straight and wavy, it’s all about the way you take pride in yourself.

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