Clean Line Up Haircuts For Men



Line up Haircuts, are more popular than ever! These are defined line up with ultra clean cut. So, don’t get confused with what is a line up haircut? As the name suggests, it is something that requires straightening your hairline.


Meaning that, with your own natural hairline, you can make some sharp lines and angles to cut of your choice. The forehead and back are shaved into straight cuts, which are also known as ‘tape ups or shape ups’! The perfect hairline is hard to get and you may still feel confused about which hair line perfects you.


There is some serious line up style which could suit you very well. The most frequently used lineup is at the hairlines and the temples. This could be combined with a comb over or a hard part, gives you an ultra defined and crisp style.


The Side part fade cut – is a great dimension to any face, that the line up blends just about the perfectly with the cut. Are you a lover for easy blend of the modern and the retro – then give a try to ‘The Crop top temple cut’! This cut gives you a lovely line up with a top crop blending with the sides.


Line up design cut with edges is the edging hair style that looks extremely cool, for which you can come out and give it a try. This line up gives you a clear definition and geometry to the edges from the temple region, which creates a triangular arch with great angles.


Along with high fade, your line up hair style can give you a cool look and be perfect. Remember to trim your hair line at equal intervals, to maintain this cut forever.


Here comes the pompadour line up haircut – which is a ‘mod cut’ that went through various transformations over the years. You can pompadour your hair based on your liking, making it to short buzz or to any longer length with voluminous style. There are number of line up pompadour hair cuts that you can try!


There is also ‘Double line up’ style, this creates a second line up that frames the original one. This created subtle look, also staying unique style. You can also line up your beard, with the style you opt for.


You can make up with this super modern line up haircut as you need, but you have to take care little about maintenance. Make this ultra fresh hairstyle amazingly, but you’d need to shade up side at times. Because, without sharp edges and clean line up looks always messy!


While you try this line up haircut for the first time, visit salon and get the help of barber for getting sharp lines. Barber with this haircut, can show you off their skills and designs. After that, you can trim later whenever you need, so that you can look fresh and clean always.

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