Classic Fade Haircut For Men



Haircuts are one such thing that gives you a way to look – new! Owing to cut and style hair is always everybody desired for, isn’t it? One such haircut that men love seeking for is – Fade Haircuts!


Ever wondered how Brad Pitt in Fury and Zayn Malik’s in his video for ‘Pillowtalk’, have their hairstyle looks smoother and so sleek. Well, it’s all about a word called – Fade.


Fade haircuts, which are getting extremely popular among men lately. With the popularity for this hairstyle is growing day by day – it has become the trendiest fashion among men. Are you one amongst them who owe for this haircut? Indeed, that is a great choice!


Wherever you go from picking up a top magazine, turn on your TV- this fade are the top styled haircut in recent times. The popularity of this fade haircut is much more, because this haircut lies in its clean look. Fade is usually accompanied on haircuts that are shorter in length, but even fade for longer hair length is also trending.


A fade is just a form of tapering your hair, but the hair is cut usually lower than the regular tapering. This is meant to ‘fade’ form short to long over the sides and back of your head. Also, not all fades are equal. There is unique fades nearly available for everyone based on the head shape and the way you can look with this fade.


Varieties of fade haircuts are also there, which you can try depending on the look which suits you well. Are you looking for a clean, classic and versatile fade as your choice? Try – The Tapered Fade! Also this style seems to be slightly natural, smarter and offering you a masculine look.


Like all kind of hairstyles, you have a choice of fade haircuts. The Low fade – is a suitable option for men with oblong, diamond or triangular head shape. The Mid fade – is good for creating a skin-hair blend line. This style is for all ages and great with a beard look!


When you don’t mind for extremely short hair, look for – The High fade hairstyle. This is also suitable for round or square face shapes. Also, you can look for more versions of fade hairstyles.


Having fade can be done by your own, with razors. But, if you want a neat and sharp look for your fade haircut – visit salon regularly! Also keep in mind about your scalp for any lumps or bumps – before you go for fade haircuts.


Fade haircuts generally don’t last long for more days. Keep on using razors regularly, to give just of kind of touch up. Depending upon the choice of fade haircut you made, maintaining your fade also varies.


Finally, it’s all about the choice of how you want to look with your fade. Make sure it suits your overall appearance, without changing the real – YOU! Being smart, by flaunting different hairstyles is never such a bad thing!

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