Classic Beard For Men



Classic Beard Style for Men




What makes a man or woman’s look perfect? Well the list is never ending when it comes to women but don’t underestimate men too. Ranging right from the skin care regime to hygiene, to clothing, a squeaky clean haircut and? How can one forget beard? Yes! Beards are so in and equally formal these days. Having a suitable beard according to not just your haircut but also tuned with your face cut is important. A beard not only gives your face a different vitality but also adds contrast and dimensions to your face profile. But while going for the bearded look, one should never feel down on having a handful of options on their plate. Because that is not the scene. Let’s dive into the world of beards and some classy styles.




The only important thing to consider before owning a beard is to determine your face shape. This would help your to accentuate your jawline and cheekbones, thus turning you into a head turner.




  1. The Round Ones: Men having round face need to accentuate their jawlines and hide the round shape embossed by their chin. So leave the growth on chin which covers it completely while trimming and give your cheeks some breath by shaving the hair completely off from there. While covering the chin also, one has many options like a full goatee with detached moustache, a short beard with thin and trimmed sides, a stick goatee with jawline paired, without sideburns and floating moustache.



2. Square ones: People having square face shapes don’t have to fuss so much about having beards because they already are gifted with Sharpe jawlines so not much effort is needed to highlight them. Trimming precisely near cheekbones and keeping the density low on both sides and fuller on chin. One can experiment with few having square face. Use the circle or round shape to give a bit plump to your face by having a chin patch and mustach in round shape. One can also form a broken anchor with mustache and closing it with a chin strip. Just a chin beard or shrink even that chin beard at the same time.




3. The Oval Ones: Guys having oval shaped face are the most blessed ones. They can try on any style and will always look good in any. Be it just a moustache which just covers the upper lip, or a light stubble or a closely trimmed beard along with it, or may be a moustache with long bars pointing either downwards or upwards or a trimmed moustache that sits just above the upper lip in shrunk manner, they can ace their look in all.




4. The Rectangular Ones: Men having rectangular face shape have to do a little effort in accentuating their powerful facial structure. One has to emboss their chin and subtle down their sides, so the density of beard has to be more on sides and less on chin for people with rectangular face shape. Some real hot beards are made for such face type like long sideburns that connect to moustache, just a subtle stubble at chin, or a vertical one of hair across the chin or may be a horse shoe moustache.




So buckle yourself up and get bearded!

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