Circle Beard For Men



Keeping beard look is always loved by most men! One reason, men love to have beard is to stay stylish. Another reason, that even scientists reveal is that it looks – Dominant! Beards don’t affect men’s attractiveness. Also this feature in men is seen as stronger and more aggressive.


While having full beards may appear untidy, wild and unkempt to some. You can find different beard style, according to your face shapes and interest. One such common beard style among the age of men 30 to 50 is – The Circle Beard!


This beard looks also known as ‘Door knocker’ – a moustache worn with a goatee that is not connected. Sometimes, you may get confused between goatee and circle beard. Both styles are similar, but a circle beard gives more rounded version. A goatee has only hair on the chin.


Circle Beard gives you a clean shaved look as well as a bearded look. It is often looked as neatest beard styles of today. This look is basically a circular shape combining the chin beard and the moustache. And guess what? More than all these, this beard look gives a balance between old age and youthfulness in a very great manner!


Considering, this as a good solid style that allows some freedom but little flamboyance. This look also works well on bearded men with square faces and jaws, also giving you a neat appearance look. It can be styled either thin or thick, depending upon how you need it to look.


Well, this circle beard doesn’t suit for men with round shape face. This version of beard should have just a hint of round shape, which makes unsuitable. So don’t risk yourself, if you are round face shaped person.


A circle beard is not a shape that is grown naturally. What you need to keep in mind to acquire this beard look is that, you need a good hair growth around your chin and also a good moustache. Particularly, this beard look is always characterized by the moustache only. This is the charm of this look!


When you try it for the first time, visit the salon. So that they can outline on how your circle would be, after which you can trim it by yourself! To maintain this circle beard, you need to monitor certain factors. Ensure that you trim your beard on regular basis. Also comprising of nourishment, growth aspects and hygiene – keep clean!


There are also many circular beard styles commonly seen. But, the most loved by everyone is – Traditional Circle Beard! You can also try certain circle beard style, that doesn’t completely connect with the moustache.


Celebrities like Brad Pitt and Kanye West sporting this circle beard style, gives the cool style to any man’s face.


Only thing that you have to keep in mind to get this beard styles is the growth of your facial hair! Because, with some dense facial hair can benefit this circle beard. Keeping this beard can entirely change your look! A lot of men would love to have this beard style.

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