Ciara Hairstyles



The Goodies girl ‘Ciara’ has not only a beautiful voice, but also pretty images that consistently slays. No matter what is the occasion, her hair and makeup are always pro-level that comes in different colors as well as styles.


Ciara’s natural hair is very curly in texture and is quite long that reaches below her shoulder line. From long curls to short sleek textured hair, there is no limit for Ciara’s evolution of hairstyles.


During her initial stages, she played up her natural beauty with the soft curls to most of the events. The very tight curls that fall over her face make her cute and look younger as well.


From her tight long curls, she went upon for an extreme transformation by making her long locks into sleek straightened one. The soft and sleek long locks, looks simply adorable and youthful, moreover it is very comfortable in her to look with the own skin color.


To the pre-BET awards, Ciara rocked with her sheer radiant finish hair color, which insanely creates a foundation to the sun-kissed effect. The bronze hair color and her bronzed skin went well with each other and she looked flawless.


Ciara gave her sleek straight hair, a slightly wavy effect with dark black hair color. She pulls off, the loose wavy textured hair and, made into a high ponytail that falls off over her shoulder line. To this style, she added lashes, which gave sparkle to her eyes.


She again went to the old elegant route, with the sleek hair in matching with a gloss and gown. With the red lips and the sleeked low bun, it always makes a statement looking style.


The retro inspired makeup look to an event was her most favorite look of all. The playful pompadour high puff at the front and the warm dewy skin keeps her red lips too serious. A slight off centre-parted and low chignon for a gala event, was another stunning look of her.


The greatest transformation of Ciara was from long flowing locks to the short-cropped pixie style. She added a touch of bangs to the pixie, which falls off asymmetrically over her face covering one eye. This style gave her a very modern and stylish look.


After some years with the pixie cut, she was again back to the long locks. This time with a centre parted look with loose curls from the middle to the ends. The matte nude lipstick accentuated well with the loose curls.


To the same style, she went for some golden highlights. The highlight has given to some of her curly strands from the middle to the end. This highlight gave her long locks a bouncy feel and complete movement.


From the golden highlights, she went for a hairstyle update and made her long flowing locks with lightening ombre strands to a brighter sunnier shade. To this style, she mentioned ‘I wanted some fun and went for this mane look’.


From then on, she kept on giving her long flowing locks some incredible hair color shades that complements her overall appearance very well and looks simply beautiful.

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