Chunky Highlights Hair Color Ideas



With all the revolutionary changes in the history of women’s hairstyles, hairstylists have published such amazing and different styles that every woman in the entire world is drooling over and every one of them can be seen sporting out those beautiful looks. One of the best and most frequently used hairstyle ideas as such is the “highlights.” Highlights can literally be seen in 1 out of every 4 women in the world. Highlights don’t just make your hair exquisitely pretty but also gives a far more natural looking and beautiful shade of color that pops out your beauty even more.


Ladies, if you have ever thought of trying on the beautiful highlights on your hair or want to change the color you’re currently wearing, here are some suggestions hairstylists from across the globe swear by. Check them out and get ready to visit your nearest beauty salon soon.




If you have brown or black hair, then well-blended blonde highlights for your hair would be the perfect choice to rock the hairstyle game in the streets, schools, college, work place, public place, family events or literally anywhere. It’s not just that this hairstyle looks good with anything, it is suitable for all skin types and colors and facial types.




The cotton candy pink highlights or extensions at the end tip of your hair or even strands of it would make your hair pop out and be the centre of attention everywhere (in a good way, of course). This color is suitable for all hair color but would definitely look the best with pure blonde or grey hair. Choice is up to you, ladies.




The grey and black combo of highlights with either color at the top and the one at the bottom literally makes the prettiest and most aesthetic hair color ever. Surely have you all come across the models of Instagram who sport this sexy and bold hairstyle and no matter how hard you try to deny it, at some point, you have wished to get that type of hair as well. So, what’s the wait for, everyone? Take up your phone and appoint your stylist for a hair makeover right now.






Another perfect hombre color idea for your hair can be the dark pink or the wine red colors. This might be a overused look but the truth is, who cares? This hairstyle will always make you look good, in all the places.




If you like the hombre hairstyles but want something a little less dramatic and simpler, you should definitely try the sombre ones. Being of the same kind, there still are differences amongst the two hairstyles. Sombre can be done with lighter colors and be used throughout all the hair, and it tends to make the hair appear much lighter in color, giving it a perfect blend of beautiful colors together.




If you have rich Auburn hair, then brightening them up with rich red pastels or blonde streaks through the hair would make a great look.




Rich caramel highlights or dark brown or black hair could be a very bold and beautiful choice for you. Not only does this look can make you stand out and pull eyes to your hair, but it will surely make those eyes stick to your hair for a pretty fair amount of time. It’s extravagant.

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