Christmas Hairstyles



Christmas is a time for merriment and for some fun and frolic. It is a fun filled yet relaxing end to the year which during this point in time is well and truly ending. One always wants to appear in their very best on Christmas day and nothing looks better on this day than a cute and very Christmassy haircut. And, there are quite a few cute Christmas hairstyles that a girl can choose from.




One can go for the good old bun look but one that is a tad more intricate than the normal hair bun. This is the triple braided bun and looks beautifully ornate and can be styled in a jiffy. A very classy Christmas hairstyle indeed. But, even more stylish and classy than this look is the poufy mermaid braid. This hairstyle is a combination of the mermaid braid and the Brigitte Bardot pouf.




But if a girl is in the mood for a messy and casual look, then the twisted halo hairstyle is the ideal style to go for. This look can be pulled off quite easily and doesn’t require much hair length to be fashioned onto. However, if a girl is looking for something a lot more glamorous, then the retro style side sweep is the perfect look for her.




The bow braid is also a great festive hairstyle to go for and one can just style a very intricate side bow into the hair on any one of the two sides. Very, classy indeed. The crown rope twist is another great Christmas hairstyle to go for. The fact that it resembles an angel’s halo just cements its place as one of the best Christmas hairdos.




However, if time is of the essence, then the simple holiday bun is the one to opt for. Topped off with a mistletoe hairbow accessory, this look is just perfect. One can also go for the four-strand ribbon braid hairdo. To get this look, one must first fashion a braid and then twist it into a bun or start from the side of the head. A ribbon in a nice Christmassy colour just tops off the overall look.




Flower accents on a flowing mane of shiny straight hair also works quite well as a hairdo for Christmas. A girl who wants to go for this look can first start off with a neat little braid on top while styling the back of the braid in the form of a voluminous rose. The rest of the hair can be allowed to flow freely downwards. This look is not only great for Christmas but is also quite stately and sophisticated. Finally, all the little girls out there can go for the Rudolph hairstyle. This look, which imitates Santa’s reindeer, is achieved by styling a fair-sized bun on the back before plugging onto it, a red nose, two fake eyes and a couple of fake horns. And, Merry Christmas!!




So, the choices for Christmas day are plenty and some of them are quite funky and cute whole some are classily stylish. But each one of them are unique in their own little ways!

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