Christina Augilera Hairstyles



Christina Augilera who is a well-known American singer, song writer and actress well esteemed for her changing hairstyles. She gets distinguished and prominent in her distinct and unique make- overs. She won everybody’s heart with her songs and vocals with her astonishing make- over for her first release in 1999 with her platinum blonde formal hairstyle which had its side partition with falling bangs.


Augilera makes everybody’s head turn to her by making very unusual and bold hairstyles. One such hairstyle was the tiny and numerous thin braids for 2001 Grammys which had all the colors of rainbow and acclaimed to be notorious with her golden grand danglers.


Another bold hairstyles of Augilera is the mix of her wonderful curls and braids on her blonde with purplish red streaks made the most of MTV Movie Awards 2001. She proves to be one of a kind when she came up with her platinum blonde colored with black at the bottom with bog iron made curls supported by a side partition.


She went devilish dashing when she carried herself with a black low necked netted suit with a cute black bow in the neck. The look seemed to be more renowned and illustrious with her hairstyle which was very simple with a high ponytail tied up with her own blonde hair.


Her straight blonde bob with a side partition with an even cut at the end was all the more fantabulous being the prominent of all with her white informal suit.


Augilera’s long blonde was curled up with curly bangs covering her forehead was chic with a cotton candy touch of bright pink streaks. It was aid to be the distinguished hair dress up of hers which was all the more cute and trendy for one of her events.


Christina looked seemingly beautiful with her open wavy blonde with a centre partition. Her embracing look with the centre partitioned bushy light shaded golden blonde with her locks and broad curls where dashing with her little stranded bangs on both the sides was delicate on the red carpet.


Her Dutch braided hair with a swirled bun behind gave fantabulous effect for her light shaded golden blonde which protruded her cherry red lips appearing to be the most attractive.


Augirela’s attractive and super- cool curls with a centre partitioned bangs on either sides proceeded by a doomed centre continued for an open loosened curls supporting her mesmerized silky shoulders.


Her side parted short and well- trimmed exclusive bob with her dusky blonde accompanied by a simple jeweled ear rings was fantabulous and delicate carrying herself with a tube top.


Augilera’s micro bangs with doomed bun behind was esteemed and brilliantly dazzling with her single stoned stud. Delicate and stunning are not the words to describe her hair styles! Being sensationally hot and remarkable with all her hair make- over gives a striking and heavenly look matching her bold beauty with her aweless and gallant features making her smart and mesmerizing eyes smoky or beading her lashes with color full stones with a dauntless lip shades.

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