Chris Pine Hairstyles



Chris Pine who is well known for his mesmerizing blue eyes is also very much recognized for his well- made hair make-overs. His hairstyles are very unique and outstanding which suits his visage the best. His make- overs are always versatile and will be perfect with his chiseled jaw line robbing everyone’s heart at a single squint.


It is unpredictable whether his unique or lone styling of his hair changes his face cut or the photographic angles change his face cut. Its breathtaking to take a glance of Pine’s facial hair which complements his manly eyes well, it is not something which is well maintained or well- trimmed, but has an exceptional look on one’s face cut which makes his hairstyle overwhelming.


With the celebrity hairstyles in mind, men dream to have the same kind of make- over with their unique attire. There are also techniques and sources which explains as to how to trim and maintain a particular kind of hairstyles to get the stylist made styling every time however the touch of the stylist cannot be a matched with other salon made styles.


Pine’s signature styling of hair is his messy spikes which will be adorning for his manly and hot face cut. This make- over was back at the Independent Spirit Awards 2012 which made the young girls on the floor to go hypnotized with his ever handsome look and refinement.


Pine’s formal hair up do which was up swept with a funky back was fascinating on his black suit and tie. This click claimed to be one of the popular one for the year 2004 throwing his swashbuckling smile which had a touch of sarcasm.


Pine’s casual make- over of his hair strands along the falling spikes in the front was tantalizing with his brave and broad eye brows on a rugged casual wear with a scabrous scarf around his neck. The make-over was rust-covered on his gym worked out physic with his manly face.


Pine looked handsome when he buzzed off his brown blonde with all the more smart suit accompanied by his black tie. The red carpet of the Premiere ‘Just My Luck’ was fascinated by his splendid make- over with his ever mesmerizing smile.


His make- over for Golden Globes 2009 was one of the memorable styling which stole number of hearts on the red carpet. The side swept long brown locks of his projected him the smartest and hottest on the red carpet making the heads to turn towards him with a single glimpse.


Chris Pine’s skater boy look at one of the parties in London was tremendous on his casual wear. He seemed to be very simple and modest with his covered scalp with his jagged and scraggy cover brown cover up. It’s not easy for an up- coming and popular Hollywood artists to come up with this type of a casual make- over.


Pine’s brown blonde long locks with his bangs falling at one side is one of the flamboyant hairstyles complemented by slightly touched moustache and beard. The Premiere of ‘The Finest Hours’ was arousing with his looks and dress up.

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