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People Magazine named the Avengers star, ‘Chris Hemsworth’ as the sexiest-man of the year 2014. Earlier to the Avengers, Chris was popular with the Australian television series. From then on, the evolutions of Chris Hemsworth hairstyles are incredible.


Haircuts and beard styles of Chris have been a monstrous hit with men and the rugged handsome look that he carried gained many attentions amongst people. Moreover, the various roles he had played require lot of memorable hairstyles, which turned out to be hitting the trends.


The series of evolutionary Chris Hemsworth hairstyles start from the sun-kissed scrub days to long locks are beyond remarkable styles. Sleek medium to long hair is the natural texture of Chris hair look and at the early days of his career, he appeared with the same natural hairstyle.


The sleek medium hair that fall off over the ear and hit until the nape of the neck, was a unique style and he even had a little side parted fringes that hits his forehead. The overall look was splendid enough to make everyone go crazy over him.


From then on, he rocked with a chopped hairdo and styled the sleek long hair into scattered spikes more at the crown and quite less at the forehead. Again, to the ARIA Awards event, the actor sported with a long flowing locks falling over his face.


He gave a great transformation to his overall look with the short haircut close to the scalp, with the effect of buzz cut. The scruffy beard accompanied the buzz cut very well. Within the next year, he grown-out his hair to a medium length and went bearded to the Australian’s Film breakthrough awards in 2010.


Hemsworth achieved the dreamy look, with the tousled cut and a rugged beard. The tousled look has a well-maintained hair, which is not long and quite a medium in length with a small fringe parted sideways.


Dark blond hair with side-parted bangs was the most favorite hairstyle of Hemsworth. The star promoted his movie with this slicked back hair, which has both dark and light blonde shade scattered throughout the hair. This two-tone shade gives prominent effects to his blue eyes.


Later, Hemsworth grows out his hair to rock the world with his shoulder length longer locks, with off centre-parted look. The look was little shaggier but he carried the style well.


After that, he chopped of the shoulder length hair for a new role and maintained a medium length hair that falls off until his nape of the neck. Along with the clean shaved beard style, the hairstyle gave him a neat and clean look.


In 2014, Chris Hemsworth looked sexy indeed with the slicked back locks in a side swept way. The use of wet gel and the forward to back combing gave him a serious handsome look, which made him to win the Sexiest award from the People Magazine.


From this, Chris become a lover of coif style and, went with a perfectly styled coif to the European premiere. Still now, he maintains the coif style that well complemented his striking eyes and, charming smile.

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