Chinstrap Beard For Men



The chinstrap beard for men is one of the most evergreen beards of all time that has been in fashion for a long, long time. The beard style isn’t just popular among the youngsters, but many adults too pull off the beard style with lot of ease.


The best thing about the chinstrap beard is that men can easily maintain the jaw line, maintain the size of the side burns and even maintain goatee according to the face shape, hairstyle and the needs.


There are plenty of different styles of the chinstrap beard for men. One can simply try out any of these chinstrap beard styles and rock the look. Here are a few of them you should know about.


If you are someone who struggle to grow a lot of mustache, then the best one for you is chinstrap beard with a disconnected pencil mustache. The style is pretty easy to maintain and to pull off. All you should do is add a goatee in the chin and a disconnected pencil mustache. The sideburns of your face should be connected the beard and they should be thin enough.


If you are looking for a chinstrap beard style that goes for all men, the thick chinstrap with disconnected mustache is the right option for you. You will need to trim your sideburns and keep a long connection of the sideburn with the beard. The mustache however, should be thin and short as well as disconnected from the beard.


If you are looking for a chinstrap beard style that has a lot of beard, try this look. The beard style needs your sideburns, mustache and the chinstrap to be thick and it is called the “chinstrap beard with a thick connected mustache.”


Another great beard style is the “chinstrap beard style with a connected pencil mustache”. In this beard style you need grow thin pencil mustache and the chinstrap should evenly extend from the right jaw line to the left and it should evenly pass through the chin. The beard style needs a lot and lot of your attention and proper maintenance. However, it is one of the favorites among both the genders! For girls, because the style makes the guys look extremely irresistible.


Go back to the classic days of the 60s and 70s with this extra-ordinary beard style that makes you look more handsome. This one is the chinstrap with a soul patch and without a mustache and looks extremely hot when one knows how to pull off. The chinstrap needs to be pretty heavy in this beard style and should be connected with thick sideburns. Keep your mustache clean shaved and just keep a soul patch right above your lips.


Get rid of the boring beard styles and move on to a sportier look. The blend of thin chinstrap with thick chinstrap is the new hot these days and you should be surely trying this one out this summer.


These are a few chinstrap beard styles for men that you can try out. Love them? Why waiting then?

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