Chinese Women Hairstyles



You know what makes the Chinese women different from the rests? Their hairstyle – and you just can’t deny how good they are! You must have found yourself envying these super cool hairstyles the lovely women from China can sport and how cool they look!


You might have wondered what these hairstyles are called and must have tried a few of them as well; but most times you failed… didn’t you? Well, if you have been disappointed so far, here is how they are made and what those are called –


The cobra bun is one of the most critically acclaimed hairstyle that first came to notice in a Chinese warrior movie. Extremely easy to make, the bun is made by rolling the hair into a simple bun, and leaving the tip of the hair standing up! Be that chick that brings the warrior look back to trend!


The Buddha bun is another funky Chinese hairstyle that is actually a mixture of the ancient warrior and the princess look. The bun was invented to give the woman the grace of a princess and a tough look of the warrior. The entire look solely depends on the bun and the rest of the hair just loosely falls like strands swaying around.


The Chinese hairstylists should be given kisses on their hands for the God’s gift they have. And no you cannot simply nail it without a little help. The creation of the hair brooch effect is their specialty where they make roses, floral designs and motifs in order to create hair accessories. Ladies…. Are you screaming?


Chinese women are clever. They know how to take benefit of their not-so-amazing features and they take advantage of it. This hairstyle is especially for women who has smaller heads and in order to make their heads look a little bigger, the sport this hairstyle known as the hammer bun. The hammer bun is ancient idea by the Chinese ladies and you got to believe, it nearly takes two hours to get it right. So much trouble for one hairstyle? Sure, why not!


The flat sagging bun is the bun for the ladies who love to be sophisticated and bad hair day is no way their thing. The hairstyle takes a lot of time and effort and usually it needs two to three people to be done. Well, the hard work pays off – you look downright gorgeous!


Go back to the 70’s days or relive your school days with this one. The bubble piped pony is a “70’s inspired look” which make everyone look extremely adorable. All you need to do is make two sides of ponies and tie your hair with multiple rubber bands – keeping a minimum distance of 3 cms.


Remember your Chinese friend who got married. Remember the hair style she had while walking down the aisle? The one with a high raise bun leaving bangs on her forehead? Well, that is another amazing Chinese hairstyle known as the high raise bun that is doing its rounds recently. The bun is very easy to make. All you need to do is curl up your hair and put it up in a bun. Voila! You have your hairstyle. The bang however, is your personal choice.


So these are a few hairstyles these lovely Chinese women use. Are you one of those who love their hairstyles? If yes, try these out ASAP!

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