Chestnut Hair Color Ideas




When it comes to hair coloring, there are wide varieties of options that look stylish and incredible. To get a new look than the ordinary shades think chestnut brown hair color. This is the recent trend and an intense hair color. This style is one of the most beloved shades amongst women who adore earth tones.


Chestnut color itself comes in many different tones and the brown hair encompasses so many rich shades of chestnut, even from almost blonde shade of brown to so dark nearly back. It has even complemented by dozen of colors that make some ideal highlights and lowlights.


The chestnut color not only gives you a fresh look, but also a natural and glowing vibe. This rich shade looks stunning with tanned skin during the summer days than the autumn season effects. One true note is that, it works well with all skin tones, eye color and hair types of any textures.


Based on the hair texture and natural styles, you can go for selecting the vibrant chestnut colors. From subtle shades to very bright ombre chestnut color, the varieties are endless.


When you do not want any additional highlight description and simply want a rich shade, then the right choice will be the rich brownish chestnut hair. This is the most-classic color of chestnut and it accents well with any skin tones.


If you have long sleek textured hair, try medium chestnut color with subtle highlights. This warm chestnut brown shade is very subtle and offers a natural-looking style.


This stunning balance is versatile enough to suit the sleek hair, which looks lovely. To the chestnut sleek hair, make some tight strands of curls from the middle to the ends. This way along with the chestnut color, makes the hair bouncy with every turn of your head.


To have more subtle look, you should go with ombre chestnut hair that is very appealing. When chestnut meets ombre, you can get the hair that you always wanted. For this, you must leave the roots naturally and makes the levels with chestnut caramel hues.


For soft shade, reddish brown chestnut is the best of all. With golden highlights, the resulting color will be more vibrant and makes the hair look incredibly healthier. With this soft reddish chestnut, you will be the object of envy everywhere.




When you want to maintain your dark black natural shade, but also want to give a try with chestnut. There is even option for that to achieve with chestnut highlights. Spicing up with chestnut highlight, the darker undertones look even more vibrant and, enhance your overall appearance.


To get beautiful curly hair, try going with thick chestnut curls. This rich chestnut dye makes the job of curls appear thicker and fuller than they looked earlier. To this, sprinkle very thin subtle highlights throughout the curls, which makes a lovely suffer finish.


Not only long hair looks great with chestnut colors, even bob and short hairstyle goes well with the color. Wavy bob with rich brown chestnut is a great choice to a messier look and with a drop of shine-serum offers a rich finish to the style.

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