Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles



Hairstyle for a wedding is as significant as one’s costume which should go in harmony with the make-up a lady wears. Propitiously there are very striking hairdos for the brides. Ravishing to elegant, glamorous to chic, royal to brilliant!


Every woman has their painted dream for a gorgeous, stunning and a rich appealing makeover for their big day. Most of the women start to browse and consult their beauticians and make- up artists for their unique hairstyle for their wedding even before other significant things get set and arranged for the wedding. It’s a curiosity. Is there a lady who doesn’t want to look dashing for their big day?!


Apart from all the above, Celebrities are the key factor and trend setters for all the new fashion which we dwell with. When it comes to wedding the make- over of celebrities will be simple and gorgeous, grand and over-whelming. Celebrities’ wedding hairstyles are made with its unique and distinct techniques which are known only to the stylists.


Celebrities are known for having a big fat wedding. Anne Hathaway’s who chose to have a middle part, sleek with a simple brown blonde for her engagement made the look more simpler than ever but devastating.


Selena Gomez make- over with a centre puffed front which is preceded by a bun with a long jeweled ear rings and with her burgundy lip color matching her dress was throwing and dashing.


Elle fanning’s up do for one of the Premiers was her floral up do with her peach tube top sweeping the red carpet. It was opulent and elegant down the sleek and shiny wear which had a classy and elegant make over for her skin tone.


Claire Danes’s single partition bun with her golden blonde with falling side way pointed strands brought a exquisite and delicate look. Taraji P. Henson’s hair make-over for 2012 Grammy’s was fantabulous with a bun protruding her to be the most prestigious setting a trend for exemplary up do.


Roona Mara ‘s perfect and volume full bangs with her devil black sleek taken over by a bun suiting her hair mad her the princess of 2012 Oscars. Emma stone’s cutest make- over for the same Oscars was extraordinary for her cute visage with a bobby brown blonde whose bangs where to slide from her scalp touching her soft forehead tucked in and proceeded by a highly made doomed swirled bun.


Alicia Keys’s pompadour come retro front roll up with an upside down plate for 2012 Grammy’s was stunning for her skin tone. Taylor Swift’s girly front bangs that covered her forehead and her interlacing and knitted back make-over was seemingly effective for her cute and fabulous face protruded her to be more softer than ever and delicate.


Sarah Hyland’s iron made curls which was falling in the sides with a side partition draped the spectators which was gorgeous with her copper shaded tube top. Celebrities are of great inspiration from their on- screen role’s, hard work, styling, make- over.

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