Celebrity Undercut Hairstyles



In the case of hairstyles, many accents in the looks may pave a way to risk and slip into something terrible. That is why every detail in hair has taken as an important aspect. However, there is this undercut style that men used to wear several years ago and is versatile enough to look suitable with all other elements.


The undercut style has typically been a staple hair trend in men’s editorial runway looks. Most undercuts works for any hair type and texture, but only if you have very fine hair or growing bald then do not choose going for undercut.


When dealing with receding hairline, an undercut becomes a very good solution. Moreover, this undercut has a long-lasting popularity in street style as well as amongst celebrities and this style is not only restricted to younger age people.


Most celebrities go for classic undercut, because this style is little more conservative and is not too extreme. As this style maintains trimmed version of sides, but leaves the top with not too long style. Moreover, this hairstyle is very simple to style and offers a very polished look as well.


Next most popular of this style is the slicked back undercut. Apart from the classic hairstyle, this slicked undercut gives a modern look. With long hair, this slicked back undercut looks perfect by ensuring the long hair to style it back.


This undercut is a great quality to make the long hair look polished and looks more structured while maintaining a relaxed reference to the past as well.


You can witness this classic undercut hairstyle, amongst celebrities like David Beckham and Brad Pitt. They both carried this undercut hairstyle very well with their sleek hair textured look.


To the same-slicked undercut, a modern version is the side swept undercut hairstyle. This style has mostly channeled with pompadour look. Make sure that you have longer proportions at the top, so that the side swept slicked hair works well with the shorter sides.


The above-mentioned styles are some of the prominent undercut hairstyles that are in trend, as well as cherished by televisions stars and famous celebrities.


Even though, the undercut hairstyles has mostly seen and originated as a men hairstyle. The trend is now changing and this style has become suitable even for women.


It is like a punk-tastic hair trend that is sweeping the fashion forward. You can witness celebrity, Zoe Kravitz debuted a blonde undercut with a cute blue heart sculpted in. The longer locs that flows over the undercut is seriously astonishing.


Malin Akerman, renowned the short hair retro look with funky undercut and slicked back lengthy tops on the red carpet. Actually, we all have to admit that, this style is kind of lovable and, incredible to recreate as well.


Rosario Dawson gave her hair a look of edgy and stylish style, with side-swept undercut hairstyle. Miley Cyrus shocked everyone with super-short hair with undercut crew and this style has a cool crop granted access to the coolest look.

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