Celebrity Hairstyles For Men



Before going for any haircut, men always have the tendency to checking out with celebrity hairstyles and are actually a great way to look modernly stylish. From David Beckham to Brad Pitt, the list of male celebrity hairstyles is a real inspiration.


More than that, there are many famous celebrities out there with great hair look. When you go in search for ideas from celebrities, make sure that you make a right choice from them, depending upon the natural hair texture and type.


With sleek hair textured and medium length, you can try David Beckham hairstyle with textured slicked back style. His style is a prominent look with an inch or two lengths at the top and shorter sleeked sides. He also made a combed look from forward to back, and used some wet gel to hold the hair in place.


Coming to Brad Pitt style, it is a combination of undercut plus slick back. The style is suitable for medium length hair at the top and the undercut shorter style at the sides behind the ear line, gives a clean and neat look.


To the same sleek textured hair, when you feel like to have a modern look then you should try going with Justine Bieber hairstyle. He had a combination of quiff plus brush up style, where the quiff had a longer hair at the front until the crown.


The brush up look, which offered to the longer top, looks more prominent and the shorter sides are an added advantage. This style is so stylish and yet classy, to any occasions. For a messy touch look to the sleek hair, Zac Affron style with messy tousled hair is perfect.


When you are a lover of short hairstyles with close scalp look, then you must go with Cristiano Ronaldo style. It is a combination of undercut at the sides and hard part comb over at the top, looks great for any sport activities and for everyday workplace style.


Leonardo DiCaprio has parted slick back hairstyle and Justine Timberlake’s low fade and side part styles, for slick hair texture are some more choices.


For spiky hairstyle, you can look for celebrity Zayn Malik style with taper fade at the sides and scattered spiked hair with an inch/two long hair at the top. Use some wet gel or hair spray to make the spike strands stay in place.




For very short haircut with close scalp, then Nick Jonas classic buzz cut is popular and an easy to maintain hairstyle as well.


Bradley Cooper style is suitable for people with medium length hair. His style is a simple combed over from forward to the back, which makes the lengthy hair reaches the nape of the neck.


When you have a long hair that reaches at the shoulder line, then you must try Chris Hemsworth centre-parted long hair, which is the simplest and most gentle way to make the long hair looks stylish.


Moreover, there are still even more celebrity hairstyles, which are rocking the world with trendy look.

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