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The origin of braids has its history and prehistory of more than 30,000 years ago. In ancient days, people from North Africa, Caucasus, Asia Minor, Near East, East Mediterranean were noted in the art of braided hair. Braid was a sign of ethnicity, prosperity, prestige, utility and religious affiliation for them.


Whenever we go for a change over, we go for browsing the latest trend and the suitability of that particular mode of fashion for one self. Celebrities are the key factor and trend setters for all the new fashion which we dwell with. Braids are not the only exception. Celebrities’ braids are made with its unique and distinct techniques which are known only to the stylists.


Sophisticated side loosened fishtail of Elizabeth Olsen Princess is an awesome inspiration for such a braid which suit the casual wear more often. Kirsten Dunst’s beautiful loose, sloppy and grubby plait with her silver blonde seemed to be fantabulous.


Braids are simple, gracious and homey allowing us to engage in our work soulfully without bothering and without making our fingers to run over our hair each and every time after experiencing a wonderful breeze or a long bike ride. It protects our hair from physical damage that occurs due to pollution and other environmental factors around which are unavoidable.


Eleanor Tomlinson’s grubby and glazing fishtail was lovely on her messy scalp with bobby brown blonde featuring at 2017 TV BAFTA Awards. Stunning and rousing make- over of Jessica Hart with her three braids to the left, right and in the centre on the scalp whose strands were thin grabbing the ends and followed by a ponytail.


One of the African braids cornrows can also be made into cornrows bun which gives the effect of cornrows in the scalp and it gets preceded by a larger bun behind depending on the density of the hair and number of cornrows or braids. Keeping in mind that “Old is Gold”, the old fashion of making a bold bun is becoming trendy now with its own aspects.


Sanaa Lathan’s unveiled African braids which took its stun for the actress. Kelly Rowland’s African cornrows was one such unique and distinct way of braiding which will not allow the spectators to take a single glance but to have a repeated looks or makes the spectators more enchanted and fascinated by taking more looks.


Celebrities’ guts in trying out a style which is very unique and distinct cannot be taken over by the normal men or women like us. Hence their path is being followed on every terms and the explained techniques to bring up the style are available from the stylists.


Emma Watson’s single sided braid which is tucked up with the hair up do was stunning at the Best Premiere. Casual make- over of Emily Ratajkowski with her side swept loose three stranded braid with a simple black ribbon with her loose soft side bangs with a centre partition makes her look hot. Celebrities are the path makers for fashion.

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