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Carmen Electra is a famous American model, actress, singer dancer and television personality. She has starred in quite a few movies, namely ‘Meet the Spartans’, ‘Date Movie’ and ‘Epic movie’. However, it is not her acting prowess but her sense of style that has wowed her fans more. She has sported many hairstyles over the years and every one of these styles have wowed the fashionistas around the world to no end.




She is quite the fashionista and has experimented with quite a few hairstyles with quite brilliant results. From side- swept curls to the effortlessly classy bun, she has donned them all with élan. Whatever she has done with her hair, it has become quite the fashion statement.




She has shown the world that even the simple ponytail can be rocked by arranging the front portion into a loose hump and fashioning the tail of her hair such they are all flowy and wavy. But it is not just the simple hairstyles that she loves to flaunt. After all she is not one to play safe and has even been seen sporting the side parted braided hairstyle with a killer smile to boot.




She has been known to sport the ‘half-up half-down’ hairstyle. In this style, the hair is parted from the centre and then two strands of hair are taken from the from front of the hair. Finally, the strands are twisted and put together. She has even added bangs to this look along with a side parting and a small hump.  And then she is seen is with her hair pulled back quite smoothly and the lower part is fashioned into small ringlets, to pull of her own version of the elegant ‘half-up half-down’. The perfect ethereal look for a quiet date!




She is quite the fan of the side-swept curls as well where she sports the tresses of her hair in a long wavy fashion. The ringlets in her hair are put on one side to caress her beautiful face, making this style a perfect fit for any occasion. She has mixed and matched this look with side parted curls with some subtle waves, the deep side part with a straight cut swept over on the side and last but not the least the eternal yet romantic soft curls.




But perhaps the style of hair for which she is known the most is her layered look with a parting at the centre. Having been blessed with bouncy hair with the volume to boot, she pulls off this look with aplomb.


But she likes her straight haircuts too and often just lets her hair flow to one side with a part of it tucked behind her ear to lend an air of casualness but she looks beautiful all the same.






So, Carmen Electra isn’t just another TV personality and high-flying model. She knows what looks good on her and isn’t one to stick to the tried and tested. But whatever she does, she always manages to look just as vivacious.

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