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The famous English actress and singer ‘Carey Mulligan’ has done lot of changes to her hairstyles; yet, she managed to look great on all events. And she looked stunningly beautiful, with all those hairstyles that she tried till date! She is simple, ever gorgeous and stylish in her own way.


When she made her breakout role in ‘The Seagull’, a makeup artist said ‘It doesn’t look like she is wearing a stitch of makeup’. Just a stain of Mascara and a soft cheeks works well for her youthful face! Here are some trends that you can get inspired from the ever stylish, Carey Mulligan!


Changes that you’ll see in her are tremendous. Because, she has never bored us with her new looks and you’ll always get inspired with her hair styles. She colored her hair, short-cut it and also made it to free flow with as much elegance it could be!


First thing that you get noticed about her is the change in her hair color. With some sandy color to ever sparkling dark pinkish stain, she tried everything. Yet, she did not stop with it and also made her hair blonde with some bright shades of icy blond colors.


Flawless make-up of her, add much more plus to her hair looks. She does little make-up that get blend very well with her skin tone. She always stunned people by, smoky eyes with pale mod lipstick and smoky cat-eye kind of looks.


She can pull off any kind of hair style that you can ever imagine; A Mia Farrow side swept style, swept – back bob and also wore her bright blond locks of waves. She loved both short-cut hairstyles for events and long wavy brunette kind of hair looks for a particular period of time.


The various styles of pixie cut is her most favorite of all times. She stayed simple by using hair accessories matching the cut, with just a hair band kind of stuffs. This style is much suitable for Oval, Oblong, Square and Diamond face shaped people. If you’re one amongst them, just give it a try!


The ever charming model has shown that you can style your hair to any length and still you’ll love it. Things that you can learn from her hair styles are – as long as you’re confident with the changes you give it to your looks. You can stay elegant and flawless!


Celebrities, like Carey Mulligan are some persons from who you can get really inspired from.  When you’re looking for changes within yourself – get some ideas by looking at her pictures. Recreate some of her looks; but always give justice to the real – YOU! Hope these things might give you some tips on how to look amazingly each day.


The idea is only from her look, you can give any detailed version to the looks that is recreated. Because, being elegant of your own has never gone out of style! Keep rocking as always.

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