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Caramel Highlights




Life is all about colours and so is hairstyling these days. Having a normally coloured hair with single or double tones is a nay nay these days. Adding up some spark either through balayage or some highlights, downlight, subdued hues or dip dyes is the current talk of the town. Be it browns, blondes, brunette or burgundy, highlights and downlight are a must. Highlights can be of any colour but caramel is special as the colour itself has a vivid touch to it that if added with darkest shades, it can turn on your diva look and adding them up with offbeats one like ash etc can give you the punk. Let’s get into the matters of caramelising.




  1. Caramel and cinnamon downlight with pinch of dark brown highlights can give you an eye-popping look.

2. The gold and caramel may sound cheesy but when worn with subtle shades of gold can do wonders to your hair.


3. A hide and seek with light browns and caramels with a tinge of gold can transform your boring blonde look into bronde.


4. Subtle touches of gold with darker caramel colour scheme can give you the look many would love to have.


5. Playing just with ends with caramelisation is yet another unique idea to stand apart.


6. If you have not tried Burgundy with golds and caramel highlights, please do so. Because you are worth being adored for what you are.


7. Going short in hair length can not just change your look but can also change the shades of colour and highlights you going to use to make them look more peppy.


8. Tousled waves, ash platinum colours with caramel highlights. A perfect recipe to stand tall with head held high. Why not! After all, you are a head turner.


10. Honey brown with lightest caramels is technique for the perfect sun-kissed look.


11. Half caramelisation can also do wonders. Doing half highlights and leaving the half in main colour is something cool to try on.


12. Downlighting the half and highlighting the rest ones is another way to grab not just eyes but hearts too.


13. Just middle highlights will do the magic in you and your tresses will speak volumes about their beauty and resplendance.


14. Blending the balayage light browns with caramels is a recipe to confuse people and leave them wondering which colour is ending where.


15. Chocolate brown, caramel and gold will be the nice blend to crown on and become the queen.




The best thing about highlighting or downlighting is that this is done on milder side and thus hardly affects the multiple changes one wants to do and try on. Caramel is preferred over others in highlights because it can give you both elegant and playful look with its myriad shades. Being a shade between gold and brown, caramel is best because it has both subtle and vivid tones and shades to it. So what are you waiting for? Go, Get Caramelised.

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