Butch Cut For Men



Browsing for haircut inspiration, you’ve seen a variety of haircuts. Here is another one for you – the Butch Cut! There’s a good chance of you seeing these cuts among military men or athletes. But, now you can see this haircut amongst many women.


This butch cut, is in which the hair on the top of the head is cut short in every dimension. The top and the upper hair below the back and the sides are cut at the same length. This is the shortest haircut that you could go for. And you can stay carefree with this haircut, in your daily routine schedule!


This chopped-off look is popular, but that does not mean that you look like a frat boy. Unless you look for this and being desperate, go and please rock on. Butch cut is also can have – bangs or a puff.


Butch cut is also known as ‘waffle’ or the ‘crew cut’.  There are various types of butch cuts that you can choose from. Traditionally, these haircuts vary in length in scalp – while some are longer in the front, others in the back and some on the sides. And, also this cut doesn’t need much styling.


These variations and combinations are usually sported in men, but now women opted to make specific cut like these. Because, being traditional and having long hair days are gone. With time and lifestyle, you can wish for tremendous changes. Why can’t you try this haircut?


Butch cut is trending for two main reasons – it represents strong personality and another one is, it requires less maintenance. With less maintenance, you can devote yourself for other activities that you would love to do!


Versions of the butch cut are also available, which you can prefer with your ideas. Undercut and the crew cut, are the most preferred haircuts by many. And these haircuts are very simple to do by your own.


Thinking that this haircut is sported by only professional women, this is not the case. With absolute elegant and style, you can try and fit to this hairstyle. Take Kristen Stewart, who caused a flurry of headlines by this haircut. Also popular stars like Sinead O’Connor and Natalie Portman are some notable examples for this haircut.


While something is true that you can’t necessarily make interesting updos or braids, but you can find it fun in different ways. Do it for yourself and most importantly do it for truly being a woman in a man’s world. This hairstyle also helps you as a woman in expressing your own choices against these societal expectations.


The statement that must be true always is – this is a very unique haircut that cannot be missed. But you can make a trend or look work for them, as long as it can incorporate with your personal style. Have fun experimenting and cut your hair as you wish. Having this haircut done, you can feel all heads turning around you. Be inspiring!

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