Burst Fade Hair For Men



The love for fade haircuts amongst men are not fading over years and stay in trend to date. With the popular high/low and mid fade, there comes another fade type called the ‘burst fade’, which took off in 2016 and still continuing to the top list hairstyles.


The burst fade is also termed as ‘South of France fade’. Generally, this burst fade is a semicircle that leaves length at the back of the neck. It is simply like tapering the hairline behind the ear and leaving hair longer at the neck from the centre top.


If you are not aware of this burst fade, it refers to a taper fade followed by curvature of the ear and bursts outwards as the hair fades at the neckline. Moreover, this burst fade haircut offers a sexy, classy and clean alternative to the very spiky hairstyles and you can witness this style amongst young men.


From some angles, you can have a feeling that it looks like a drop fade, but keep in mind that the drop fade is low taper following the hairline and the new one is a semicircle style.


Like the other fades, this burst fade can also be combined with any other hairstyle types and the versatility is maintained as well. However, this burst fade is mostly combined with Mohawk but works with any longer/shorter styles like a pomp/high top/side part hairstyles and more.


For sleek hair texture, pomp and burst fade is a great combination that allows a high volume sleek pompadour at the top and along with the burst-fade will give you an option to leave extra length around the crown. This has the tendency to give your sleek hair a prominent look, which stick up from long enough to lie flat.


Mostly, if you have curly hair texture and wish to go for burst fade, then you should combine it with the Mohawk style. You can make the Mohawk long at the top or choose a short version closer to the scalp, which looks cool and classy.


With side partition, this burst fades looks more adorable for white people than the black men.  This side part hairstyle features a taper around the ears and hair on top adds lots of volume to the any texture.








Even V-shaped burst fade is available, which you can try with curly textured hair. The sharp V-shape at the back neckline, gives you a handsome look.


Sometimes, if you even could give the burst fade some pattern look. The pattern can be at the sides above the ears or at the back edge near the neckline. This can be an added benefit to the burst fade look.


To make your fade look prominent and distinguishable from others, you should go for a right choice of beard styles. The choice of beard must not be dense, as the dense look does not suits the fades at the sides. You can either go for trimmed version or sometimes clean shaved beard.

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