Buns For Medium Length Hair Women



Having long hair is sometimes the toughest! Generally you can find it difficult in managing your long hair. In that case, you can prefer a medium length haircut, because it can offer much versatility in trying various hairdos and also finding it easier to manage. More than that, this hair length is just cool, as it matches for all hair types and faces.


It is an ideal length to try out all the hairstyles you can dream of. Leaving it to flow free or making it a ponytail, with formal or casual dresses and you are done for the day. If done right, medium length hair can reach a very pretty picture.


But when it comes to a small party/function you are fond of trying new hairdos. The best hairdo with medium length hair is very simple, by just grabbing some bobby pins and wearing into a bun! It is of perfect length and it does not get heavy to fall off. These bun hairdos are more elegant and still you can find it as summer’s best hairstyle.


The bun hairdos are not only easy; its versatility is what matters. Whether you’re heading to the office or party, anything it may be, with the bun that will get the job done.


Women looking for stylish and urban hairstyle, you can try loose low bun and the crown twist. These two hairdos are very casual and extremely beautiful.


When you feel like, you are having a messy hair day and you cannot make it even a free flow hairdo. Do not worry, try this messy hair bun which is a quick fix and this is not an urban girl’s hairstyle but it gives you a casual look. This hairdo will be best solution for your messy hair.


Creating polished look is now much easier with this new hairstyle – the sock bun! You must need a sock as an accessory to create this bun hairdo. Yet, this is super easy and looks awesome. This hairdo is mainly sported during ballet recitals. Also try braided sock bun to make all the heads turn.


These bun hairdos also have a special feature of showing the voluminous appearance for your hair. If you badly don’t want to look your hair thin, try something like twisted side bun and low bun with side braids which are easily carried.


Buns along with braided model give some elaborated version to the hairstyle. Also use some hair accessories with these hairdos to give some more detailed and beautiful look.


A lot of bun hairstyles based on your face shapes are also available. You can try such new hairdos and let your day turn perfect. It’s really up to you that can make you go further and these are simple changes with your hairstyles that make your day different from the other.


Something that you need to take care is to do some planning and practice before you make such hairstyles. So that when you want this beautiful hairdo you can make it fast and perfect. Because, being flawless is all about at the end of the day!

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