Buns For Long Hair Women



Buns suit all kinds of hair whether it can be short or long and with different textures being wavy, curly and straight. With all its aspects in mind it takes its own versatility and techniques especially for long hair with which its make- over will be dignified and dashing suiting the different dress- ups.


Buns never go out of fashion and out of trend for its distinct ethnic, casual and decent make-overs. It goes well on all the fantabulous dresses from sarees till tube tops. Women with long hair generally go for making buns as it gives them a carefree feel with a magnificent and somber presence turning oneself to be bold and self- confident.


High folded bun with some fringes covering the forehead supported by a jeweled side pin with long danglers looks elegant for a party wear. Buns looks fantabulous when it is messed up on top with its ends falling out from the buns which makes the look wavy. Buns with puffy tops associated with original or artificial floral pin up makes the over- all look more girly and delicate.


Buns need not be positioned at the centre or in the middle.it can also be taken side way either to the left or to the right associated with some glossy ribbons or matte finished ribbons. These buns look fantabulous when the ribbons are replaced by crystal clips. Buns need not have its shape round, it can take its own versatility associated with braids and other simply jeweled clutches and pins.


Buns will be smart with pretty pompadour in the front. The look goes amazingly stunning with golden blonde or a trendy bronde. Its well organized look makes the bun double the time prettier. It works well on smooth and sleek textured hair.


A messy low bun with a wavy side bang look extraordinary on a ling shaped face. Some doomed buns are always extraordinary and unveiling. High bun with curvy braids and twirls are the best hairstyles of bun that suits the long hair. They go tremendously hot and pretty glazing with the roaring style the huge bun differentiating their scalp making it look more unique and stunning all over.


These can also be sometimes braided and added or tucked to the flawlessly and elegantly made bun. When buns are over- done and accompanied by bangs, the look doesn’t seem to make the spectators to have a single glance but to get hypnotized.


Rihanna’s messy up do bun with mounting bangs where dashing when she appeared for the 2015 Los Angles Premier red carpet. Caira’s blonde bun was elegant and striking which is supported by the chic top knot.


Presence of bangs differentiates most of the hairstyles. Without bangs a bun use to be elegant and when the same bun is being associated with bangs, the look will be even more gorgeous adding to the point of creativeness.


Bun has its prestige and ethnicity since the ancient days. They are considered to be the most advantageous and luxury sign of hairtyles.

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