Bruno Mars Hairstyles



The prominent singer and a song writer is cooled up being in the limelight and in vogue holding more than five Grammy Awards already and one of the best- selling artists of all time!


Bruno Mars’s one of the favorite hairstyling is Afro style naturally crimped hair which he often covers with his bonnet which is usually of medium length. His nipping hawkish wavy hair also adds to his style changing his exuberant kinky strands for some ace look.


As most of the men have their hair short they cannot prefer too much of styles unless and until the texture of one’s hair is changed like Bruno Mars where he changes his coiled curls to sleek waves. For an undaunted and dignified look the Pompadour look of Mars is being side trimmed which makes the pompadour makes more risen and highlighted going well for a gallant suit.


The pompadour has a different makeover on Mars if it is being shiny and wavy and a distinctly hot if the same has a wet make over that goes cool on smart casuals.


Mars goes funky with his springing uncombed curls both with side trimmed and clumpy look. These curls go stunning when the same is being shades with booby brown and blonde. Whether it’s a pompadour or clumpy uncombed curls or a kinky styling of hairdos complements his rocking performance on stage ever.


Valorous make- over of Mars appears when he has his bushy curls covered by a chapeau and his golden framed shades and his bronzed accessories for neck as a pop king. His long curls sometimes gives an effect of colorful brother locks in which he looks stunning.


Mars’s hairstyles are always complemented by his shades which are groovy and funky giving a cool make- over of his looks. A manly band on his forehead supporting his clumsy and messy kinky curls complements his best rock star performance as well. With all his style and performance he turns all the girls in the gallery.


From being retro to trendy glam Bruno has captured his dwelling hamlet in the music and styling industry as well. His retro look of having his well- done pompadour with his black framed spectacles and suspended pants makes him unique just like his voice being very easy to maintain with regular trims and hair up dos.


Amazing pompadours can also be curved up on top to blend and make a crown like styling which goes ultimate and awesome with its smooth finish complementing with his black shades for eyes.


Unlike other stars of music Bruno doesn’t go for trying different hairstyles as he believes he being the coolest ever with his unique kinky curls and maintain his pompadour trimming them with regular and correct intervals in time with his shows and forming a spiral and wet curls sometimes to keep up the little distinct styling of hair which he prefers to do.


However his styling is repeating but with a unique make- over every now and then with his one and only dwelling and husky bold vocals, his talent goes places and undying!

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