Bridal Hairstyles For Women



The Wedding day – the word itself enough to explain, how much it is an important day for women. Bridal hairstyles are as important for a bride as the wedding dress, because every bride wants to look beautiful, stunning and good in the wedding photos with the hairstyle.


When it comes to wedding, every bride has many questions running in her mind regarding her hairstyles. Because, there are wide variety of options that one tends to get overwhelmed and worry about which one to decide for their wedding look.


Bridal hairstyles range from bun to curls, or any updo. Among all these, bun style is the most prominent and widely used by brides as their wedding hairstyle. The versatility that the bun offers is what matters, amongst all other styles.


You can go for either side bun or low bun, depending upon your hair length and texture. The side parted ringlet bun, looks classy and offers a look inspired by nature. When accentuated with some gold hair accessories like leaf design, creates an additional decorative look to the bride’s hairstyle.


Elegant twisted side bun or criss cross-flowery low bun, are some bridal bun hairstyles that are traditional enough for an Indian wedding and are simple and, sleek as well. You can add a touch of individual flower or some hair accessories for a prettiness look.


When you are lover of loose/hang free hairstyle, then go for this simple and graceful bumped up curls. The easy bum pit at the front has the ability to transform the basic hairstyle into an incredible one. Make the remaining hair into thick strands of curls at the sides, to get this effortless hairstyle.


With the same bum pit hairstyle, instead of leaving the rest of the hair to hang free you can transform it into a messy and curly tendrils updo. This can give you an ultra-dramatic look and the beautiful tendrils flow down to your neck accentuates your earrings.


If you are a lover of fishtail braid, make it into your bridal hairstyle by simply making loose fishtail braid at the sides. This simple twisted braid is not only beautiful and stylish, but it also pairs gorgeously with heavy silk saree and heavy jewels.


When coming to the big fat weddings, flowers play a vital role in every aspect. A simple floral braid, with just few curls and some artificial or natural flowers in pastel colors can be a thing of beauty.


In case of south Indian weddings, the wedding is incomplete without a traditional poola jada/Gajra jada and it is a two-piece floral accessory, which goes like a crown around the base of the braid. This style makes the bride looks nothing less than a queen.


With all the above-mentioned style, you should accentuate the hairstyle with either natural/artificial flowers or some hair accessories, to make the bridal hairstyles look more elegant. Regarding the choice, keep in mind to make the hairstyle to mix well with the bridal dress as well.

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