Braids For Short Hair




Braid styles always looks classy and make a major impression, highlighting the natural hair texture and color by masking any signs of a bad hair day. Some women are with the idea that the braid styles looks perfect with long hair and sleek texture.


That is not the case anymore; with short hair, you can achieve the super cool and elegant braid styles. Even with cropped cuts, you can still embrace the amazing braids and experiment various braid hairstyles like braided bangs, headband braids or fishtail braids etc.


When you are sick of wearing the same style everyday with short-cropped haircuts, then the only way to give you a different look is with the braid styles. If you can pull off a simple ponytail with ease, then you can also pull off these simple braid styles with the same ease.


The easiest way to do braids for short hair is to go for a half Waterfall braid style, which uses only a part of your hair. This half braid is easier to make and stay together instead of falling out. With the same style, you can give it a messier look that draws attention from the crowd.


Instead of waterfall braid, make fishtail braid on both the sides and combine them together at the back to form a half-updo style. As the fishtail braid is easy, it suits well with the short hair and is classy as well.


From French braids to Dutch braids, or even inverted braid styles goes well with neckline short hair lengths. With the side style braids, you can leave the rest of the hair to hang free or make them into a ponytail to get some change.


With cropped cuts at the chin length hair, Dutch braid pigtails can offer you an extreme change over and looks trendy as well. Make the Dutch braids messier and lot tinier. The pigtail at the end is an added benefit.


To the same similar Dutch braid style, instead of pigtails make half Dutch braid updo and clip the shorter bottom half up by tucking it all in. This Dutch braid updo is so much versatile and looks great for any party.


A small and simple braid at one side with side partition and leaving the rest of hair to fall off asymmetrically over one eye does all things for a perfect day. Only thing to keep in mind is that, make the side braids tight to give a prominent look.


You can even go for double French braid at the front with side partition and leave the other side to flow free. Ladder braid, looks so pretty and sophisticated especially with shorter lengths.


When you do not like going for braids at the sides, you can try braids at the top and leave both the sides to hang free. This style looks something bold and adventurous as well.


Sometimes, you can braid at both sides as well and make the rest hair into a ponytail. This hairstyle looks perfect for doing your sport activities.


More braid styles are still there other than above-mentioned styles; you can try something out new with the ideas and make your days better with unique styles.

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