Braids For Natural Hair Women



Girls love to go for braided hairstyles for a girly look but the busy schedules and work tensions does not allow one to set out with a girly and cute braided hairstyles. However some girls have their look delicate with the simple braided and easy hairstyles with their original hair without getting accompanied by attachable hooks and extra hair.


In spite of the delicate and girly look one can also achieve the unique and dignified hairstyles with easy braids with their original scalp hair strands. Braids are not always simpler as it requires patience and neatness with remarkable techniques which has to be followed till a perfect finishing is acquired.


Dutch braid is one of the simpler braiding hairstyles which can be made with the original hair strands without damaging the strands where two three stranded inverted braids are made and pined up with bobby pins and left opened and flowing with the open blonde. Replacing the cute headbands and bandanas this style makes one’s look cuter holding the messy bangs.


Braided bangs look glorifying and elegant for all types of hair including wavy, straight and curly hair by giving a girly and perky look. Braided bangs make oneself to look comfy and cozy when followed by a simple three stranded braid with the original hair which contributes to the major hairstyling.


The simple and three stranded braids which are made will be finished with a colorful bow or jeweled tiny press clips or colorful bobby pins and left with the open blonde irrespective of the hair shade on one’ s original hair strands looks fantasying and adventurous.


The beauty of a braid on one’s original hair lies at the position when a Dutch braid which is the head band on the scalp made with silky strand gets connected with the major fishtail making the over-all hairdo a fantabulous and striking one. These strands look great when it is made on the blonde colored hair which protrudes the individual curves of the strands and its shine to the fullest making the effort of hair do exclusive and swank.


Fishtail braid is one of the fascinating and adorning braids which can be made gracefully and delicately on a original hair. Fishtail takes its adorable look when it is being brightened and bedizened by real or artificial tiny light shaded flowers. Braiding a fishtail is the simplest skill to get mastered. Fishtail braid can also be made without the ponytail after gaining a perfect experience and getting well mastered with the techniques of braiding.


Among all the stunning braiding hairstyles for original hair French braid is considered the easiest which will be started with three partition of minimal strands from the front and taken over by joining the excess strands which are pulled up from the sides and clubbing with the initial partition. French braid is one of the popular braids which will be stunning and it has its glam carried along with all the distinct types of outfits. French braid looks attractive for colored hair more than a common black hair.

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