Braids For Men Hairstyles



Braids for Men




Gone are the days when fashion and hairstyling were the terms known and made just for women. Men too have joined the bandwagon with full rigour and vigour. They are nowhere behind in the skin and body care. Talking of hairstyling, Men have actually gone to mars to other planets and taken many extra miles to add those extra brownie points in their avatars. Be it beards or long tresses of hair, men have their macho reign where they too are served with options. Talking of options, men being novice can somewhere get tizzy about what to choose and what not to choose. Here are some peppy hairdos for them to set the girls’ gaze ablaze.




  1. The Zig-Zag Way: Men can really play with their partings by opting for braids and one can actually choose the soft zig zag or any shape they prefer.



2. Go intense with Intricate Braids: Men can always opt for intricately woven cornrows and get the hot macho style to show off.




3. Braids and Buns and Boys: If you think that buns are only feminine and check your thoughts before blurting them out. Because buns are very much in like braids for men.




4. Classic Cornrows: Thanks to the 2000’s hairstyles that this is the most common yet still the most trendiest cornrow style ever. It just doesn’t give the macho look but also accentuates hipster style.




5. Bob and the Braids: individual braiding may be time consuming but men with medium hair length hair can go wit this peppy hairdo.




6. The Braid effect for Short Hair: Don’t sulk if you have short hair and yet a dream of braids burns inside your heart. Twisting and setting the haircut in braid style in a upbeat can give you the same look and feel.




7. High Braided Ponytails: Long hair, rugged bird, braided hair and tucked into a ponytails. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect recipe for a gorgeous hunk?




8. Braided Extensions: A double scoop of braids can be served along with your naturally braided tresses to grab eyeballs.




9. Blonde Braided Cornrows: Cornrows can be experimented with the tints of blondes and reds along with the chosen partings in combination with zig zags.




10. Two Braided Bun: Braids from both sides tucked along in an updo is just the perfect recipe for jazzing up your hairstyle.




11. The Short and Mini Bun look: Having short hair? No fuss and no worries. You can braid them up and tie in a tiny pinky bun, which a million would be dying for.




12. The Braid and the Tattoos: Braiding side sweeps and leaving space another side for the tattoos will be the new and trendy hairdo.




13. The Silky Braids and Buns: Men who have long silky tresses don’t need to hide it but to flaunt it with style by braiding them in middle and tying a band on a bun or ribbon them elegantly. A perfect clean look!




14. Blonde Bouffant Braid: Voluminous hair can be tied in puffy braids and long tailed braid.




15. Simply Side Braid: Keeping hair short at the end and growing from middle and tying them up in braid is the new trendsetter.




So all men! What are you waiting for? Go Braid yourself!

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