Braidlocs For Women



To dose your natural hair in a dazzling way, then dreadlocks are a super way to do it. Even though, there are many variations to the dread styles like locs, twist and braids. Braidlocs stands unique amongst the dread style and mostly loved by women.


Amongst the dread styles, the Braidlocs are more of a non-formal nature but this style is not a rare thing now. They are also inexpensive way of starting locks by plaiting the hair, which are often braids. These plaiting have usually not taken out, but the roots has treated just like regular locs.


However, locking dreads from braids does not suit for everyone but it does have some distinct advantages and works well in some situations. In addition, this style varies for everyone and if you have kinky type of hair with small braids, it may disappear little earlier than the Braidlocs hair with loose textures.


Certain things, you need to understand about Braidlocs before going for it. First, is the hair that starts out braided should eventually be trim away after the locs began locking! Absolutely, it is not mandatory to trim away the braid ends, but the texture of the braid will remains in the end always.


Secondly, there should be enough spacing between the sections of your hair before plaiting. This large spacing can make the dreads thicker. Moreover, the braids need not to be extra tight, so that there will not be any unnecessary stress on the roots.


Finally, at the ends of the braid strands secure them with a tight band so that they do not accidentally come off and you no need to worry about damaging the hair, as you can trim away the ends.


You can combine various hairstyles with the Braidlocs, when you want to get rid of the same hanging locs style. If you have a long Braidlocs, you can go for high ponytail or high bun style. This can give you a change to your everyday look.


When you have medium length locs, try going with low bun or fishtail at the sides. The fishtail Braidlocs hairstyle is so beautiful and suitable for any wedding occasions or party. You can even try bob style cut with Braidlocs.


Braidlocs looks super cool with short haircuts, and with shaved sides or fade styles. This can make the Braidlocs top more visible and make you distinguishable from others.


Above all these, Braidlocs have certain advantages as it does not get typically frizzy and gives you a neat appearance. This locs also requires only less maintenance and you do not need to visit saloon every time to maintain it.


Sometimes, each hairstyle has their, own negativities. Likewise, this Braid pattern takes long time to disappear. Only, when you have much patience to be with this style for long time, give a try. In addition, the roots and the base look more different once the braid style disappears.

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