Braided Updo Hairstyles For Women



The braid styles are an easy and pleasant way to give the hair an impressive look. As braids, accentuate all other types of hairstyles the versatility is what makes the braid style most loved by many women.


For any wedding occasions or to any formal event, when you are in search for updo hairstyles, this braided updos can do much to your overall appearance and it is easy to style as well. Moreover, the braided updos make space for your innovative and creative styles, which you can do it by your own.


Mostly, braided updos are a combination of braids and bun hairstyles. With these two super combinations, you can try tones of updo styles each day that offers you a different look from your daily routine. However, some braided updos are perfect even for workplace environments.


If you are having a natural long and sleek hair texture, then ornate braided knot and dramatic braided updo looks perfect. Both the styles looks spectacular and delectable, also this fascinating up-style is best for any formal events or to a night out party.


To achieve this style, you need to section two parts of hair at the front and make them into a French braid. Then, to the rest of the hair simply make a braid tail at the crown of the head and secure them as a bun. Pull the two strands of French braid and plait them around the bun in opposite directions.


When you already have a bang style and medium length hair, go for high bun updo with a braided headband. With bangs the high bun updo, offers you a super smooth hairstyle. Leave some locs and make a high bun with the rest of the hair. Make simple braid tails with the locs and twist them around the bun.


This glamorous hairstyle works well on straight sleek hair and if you do not own it naturally, you can straighten the hair temporarily to achieve this look. This updo with heavy full bangs, magnify your eyes and add more charm.


With wavy textured hair, try bun with two small braids at the sides to look funky and interesting. This updo is great for summer days and it is a very casual hairstyle, which you can try going out daily. Another style that goes well with the wavy hair is the double braid with boho side bun.




To get this unique and attractive style, the loosely down French braid style is given to the front hair that reaches until the ear line and the rest hair are dragged to the sides to twist into a bun.  This hairstyle offers you a sense of elegance and can flatter many face shapes.


The braided updos are not only suitable for long hair, but with medium length bob styles, too you can achieve this. To the above mentioned braided updo styles, you can add a touch of innovation and come out with your own unique style of updo, because this updo is much versatile to everything.

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