Braided Ponytail Hairstyles



Of all the hairstyles, the classic ponytail remains trendy forever and is the one synonymous with comfort and simplicity. However, as time goes all are bored with the simple ponytails and now, it is time to kick it up a notch and try a braided ponytail.


Whether you want something simple or extravagant, this braided ponytail will elevate your look to the next level of gorgeousness. Most importantly, this braided ponytail can be worn with anything and suitable for any formal occasions to even as a party look.


The braided ponytails feature braids at the crown; some may take a fancy with teased ponytail and weave a small braid around the hair band. You can also try thin or thick braids, depending upon the work event and there is no limit for creativity, you can achieve with braided ponytail.


Make sure whatever creativities you give to your ponytail, always keep the braids as loose as possible so that the braids looks more prominent. Step up your high ponytail with a jumbo French style and create a lattice weave effect throughout the front of the style for a cool sculptural appearance with the Large and loose braids with high pony.


Try for lacy braid if you want a pony with high in style and full of surprises, because the lace braid owns a romantic look by itself. To this lacy braid, go for a messy ponytail to get a well-balanced look.


With sleek hair texture, you can go by creating two braids along the sides of your head with a mix of small bouffant at the centre and this side braided ponytail looks so funky. To the same texture, try going with double braided ponytails that is surprisingly simple and gives a look of tricky and intricate.


For medium hair length with wavy or curly texture, loose chunky braid looks adorable. This braid starts at the bit off side along the top of the head and extends the way until the end. Leave some couple of loose strands around the band to give it a finishing style.


If you have a type of kinky hair, you can go with two side braids and hair bump/poof style. The side braids with high bump at the front and curly high ponytail at the crown, is perfect and nothing can offer you much hotter look that is perfect for any occasions.






A fishtail braid seems complicated, but is actually one of the easier braids and once you get that done it offers you an elegant look. You can start this fishtail from one side, complete it on the other side, like a headband technique, and leave some strands to frame the face with a playful look.


Although fishtail braids, offer you a voluminous and a sophisticated look. More braided styles are available that you can keep on trying for any occasions and stands out always by unique styles.


Keep in mind to practice these braid styles, before directly trying it on the occasion day to avoid difficulties and make it perfect in time.

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