Braided Mowhawk Hairstyles



Throwing back to the punk/rocks days, which not only guys but even girls were obsessed with, the genre of music definitely did bring a lot in people’s lifestyle and it’s not just their taste in music but everything was revolutionized. Clothes, specifically, being the biggest change in all. What comes next is definitely the hairstyle. And the best one to choose from the era for women was definitely the Mohawk hairstyle which is still hard to get over with.




Not only was it a very trendy and funky one, but it was also very easy to carry and time-saving. It is one hairstyle to set you apart from the entire crowd, in a good way of course. And thanks to celebrities like Rihanna that this trend has finally made a huge comeback and people are merrier than ever to see this awesome, cool and funky hairstyle back on its track.


For a change, if you are planning to go daring with your hair and wish to associate your inner punk with your outer self as well, here’s a list of some extravagantly cool Mohawk hairstyle you can swear by.




If you wish to have a bold, brave, sexy and yet a feminine look for you, the classic blonde Mohawk might turn out to be your best option. This classy and sassy hairstyle goes on with any look and is perfect for any face shape. Being the most basic yet the most stylish one, trying this hairstyle with regular curls or wavy and edgy curls would be a great deal for your hair.




The big curly up-do Mohawk, being the most popular one in its field, surely will give you the romantic, vivid and unique look that can make you stand out at any place. Even better news for this hairstyle is that you don’t necessarily have to cut all your hair short. You can shave the sides of your head and put the long hair in the middle into a large curly up-do and can rock the floor with all the jazz.




Short braided Mohawks, the one that never goes out of style, will surely put all the other faces to shame, because of it’s own uniqueness and brevity. Tying small braids in the either or both sides of your head and having a short length of hair in the middle would just make the look perfect in all the right places. Time to stir up the heat, lady!




The third one to make a great look will definitely be the centre braid Mohawk which has its sides shaved and a thick and long volume of hair in the middle which will make it easy to make a huge braid in the centre which will follow up to the bottom. This look will give you a really edgy style and will go along great with all types of faces and skin colors. Voila! Universalism here, guys!




Number four being the box braided Mohawk, would be a very suitable hairstyle for party occasions or even casual themed occasions. If box braids seem too boring to you, try turning it into a Mohawk and look at the amazing and far better difference it makes and the mini makeover it gives to your entire look. Thank God for Mohawks though.

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