Braided Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair Women



If hair is your beauty crown, hairstyling is the added diamond in it. Talking of hairstyling, there is no fuss about having long length and short length hair because both have a gamut of accessories and styles to team up with. But when it comes to medium length hair, where the options cease to pigtails, poinytails, loose hair and braids, one needs to rethink. For those having medium length hair, there is a good news. Well! Gone are the days when braids were looked down upon. In fact, braids are the new bang on these days. With a little bit of experiments in braiding, women having medium length hair can try these styles on.




  1. Go Dutch Side: Tucking your hair into braids and folding them up with clips and leaving the ends loose in hanging curls will give you the extra punk and chic outlook.



2. A pony-braid mix: You can mix and match your ponytail with braids. Tying the braids at both sides and buckling them up in a ponytail can be the best match made in heaven for a ravishing hairstyle.




3. Messy with fishtails look: One can also try on fishtails along with messy braids clipped along to get a girly look.




4. Make the French Braid Go Loose and Messy: Going for a French braid is time consuming and industrious, but you can play with it by giving it some messy look with some loose strands, nothing can go wrong in catching the eyes all the time.




5. Take the Dutch Braid in Top Knot: Starting the braid from the centre middle section and tying it up into a knot can be something uber cool to stand out of the crowd.




6. A Play with the Braid Sizes: Experimenting with thick and thin braids in half of the hair and leaving the rest half loose, will be the perfect fabulous style to rock the world.




7. The Double Fishtails: One can go with double fishtails braided in the front part with side parting and thus giving it a unique fab diva look.




8. Bear the Boho Braid: When you don’t want to go for either fishtails or then leave the front flicks loose and weave the braid swept aside and leave the rest tresses open. It will surely do wonders to pep up your look.




9. The Side Scene: One can emboss their side hair look by weaving the side braid and rolling it in half done upto leaving it clipped. The look will definitely make you the star.




10. The Braided Band: Ever tired of binding the tight and uneasy bands to accessorise? Well the solutions is not just easy but classy too. The messy yet classy headband braid will set you apart and you will sparkle flawlessly with your fab hairdo.




11. Waterfall Braid: Just as the name suggests the braid’s direction is woven downwards but will lift your look always upwards.




12. The Braid, The Bun and The Bow: If you are in mood of going offbeat yet traditional, try the combination of braids clipped in bun accessorised with bow.




13. The Donut Bun: The braid swept and circled into a donut shaped bun can give you the look people never imagined.




14. Go Loose and Low: IN hurry? Tie hair in low loose braid and clip it in a loose bun. Remember, the messier, the classier at times.




15. The Vintage Braids: This updo has two side braids in a headband style, giving it a more vintage look.

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