Braided Hairstyles For Kids

While we adults love to wear our hair in different styles and try out the latest trends, kids are not an exception to the latest trend. For those with our own little cute girls, we love to dress them up in the most adorable outfits and style their hair in the cutest styles that make us go ‘Awwwww’. As much as we love braids, so does our younger counterparts.

From French braids to cornrows and waterfall braids, little girls love to sport these looks. Braids, one should say, are more flattering on them than on us. With some amount of patience, one can easily scoop up the most flattering braids for our little girls.

Braided ponytails are glamourous with a cute approach for those girls with long straight hair. This is more suitable for the pre-teens as well as for all age groups. The beautiful row of braids encasing the ponytail is a pretty cool look.

For all the little ballerina girls out these, this trendy braid is just too perfect. This includes fishtails taken up and pulled into a wide bun like swirl. While it is intricate and takes patience, this will make one little princess very happy.

For little black girl, cornrows are on the trend, now, before and forever. Trying out cornrows pulled into a ponytail with pretty hairclips to secure it is not only easy, but it’s also good for playtime and casual days after schools.

For the trendier ones, a cornrow pulled into neat tight buns are sassy and unique. Extensions can be used to achieve this look.

How about we bring a little twist to the regular two pigtails? The Dutch pigtail looks great with the elevation. It’s good for those athletic little girls who will not have to worry about their hair coming loose. These are tight and have an accentuated look.

Trending it up a little bit more, Mohawk braids with beads at the end are simply amazing. Either you use colored beards or transparent ones, it is simply a trendsetter. If Mohawks are not a good choice, box braids with beads are equally good.

There are some girls who lobe braids and there are some girls who love flowers. There are some of us who like to combine both into this pretty braid with flowers adorning the loose crown braids. This looks like perfection on girls with thick hair.

Pulling in thin braids and tying them up into a ponytail with the rest of the hair is a simple and yet so adorable. A ribbon to knotted at the base of the ponytail and it is as lovely as it can get.

The Heidi braid. How can we ever forget this one? It is similar to the crown braid but wraps around instead of being braided all the way round the head. Adding some flowers and embellished little hairclips can add more style to the simple wrap.

Double braids are also a sophisticated one that may take time but once done makes all the effort and patience worth it. With a variety of braids, any two can be mixed and matched and designed in the most unique ways.

For our little girl with long hair, the crown braid will make for happy little princess.

On top of all the variety of braids that girls can adorn, accessories like hairclips and ribbons, or bowtie pins can go a long way to make these braids stand out more and give that touch of preciousness. As much as we would love to try out these, there is no doubt the little girls would be equally excited to have them on their hair.

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