Braided Bangs For Women



Bangs are otherwise called as fringes which are mostly used by the ladies who have a feeling that one’s forehead is massive and broad, they are set especially to hide some part of it. On the contrary, when these bangs are being braided it works completely opposite in exposing the one’s beautiful forehead. This gives them a fairy tale look especially for the girls who have naturally silky smooth hair which adds to the beauty of their face making it more soft and delicate. This doesn’t mean bangs will not suit curly haired woman.


Women generally have a tendency of getting bored very easily on their make-over and they always wanted a different styling every now and then. Not only women, human beings themselves generally have the tendency to experience different makeovers and styling whether it comes to hairstyle, make-up or dressing.


With this ever changing mindset, girls sometimes go for braiding their free, wavy and loose bangs depending on their major hairstyle. Like other styling bangs can also be braided with its distinct and various techniques and models. These braids can be made and tucked inside the main hairstyle. Otherwise these can be left freely which will be supported by some colorful tiny clutches at the tip.


Braided bangs look glorifying and elegant for all types of hair including wavy, straight and curly hair by giving a girly and perky look. Braided bangs makes oneself to look comfy and cozy when followed by a simple three stranded braid with the major hair which contributes to the major hairstyling.


For a casual and a peppy and funky make over, the three stranded braided bangs can be taken and tucked inside the open wave of one’s hair which will be seemingly pretty, these kind of tuck ins can be supported by some funky clips for a casual wear and jeweled clips or floral clips for party wear.


Bangs can otherwise have its middle partition and two braids can be made and the same can be pulled tightly and firmly or loosely and delicately towards either sides, left and right which can be followed by two ponytails or to plates or opened wave.


Curly and wavy bangs can also be braided with a weaving effect either by pulling the strands from the forehead towards the scalp or from the scalp towards the forehead. Either of them looks dashing and different supported by the bobby pins.


These braided bangs can also be followed by an elegant bun behind when can be wavy which gives the look of grabbing a butter ball when the coloring of one’s hair is blonde.


When bangs are braided on a A line bob haircut, the look goes fantabulous and stunning paired with some particular peppy hair colors such as stun red and striking blue adds to the peppiness being more extravagant. This coloring can be either done only for the braid or on the whole.


For more younger and girly look this braided bangs can be left side way one to the left and one to the right supported by tiny colored clutch.

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