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79. Braid Extension ideas:


Women are always looking for new ways to style their beautiful locks. Styles range from ponytails, buns and the popular braids of today. Bohemian style braids and becoming increasingly popular among women today. With the festival season fast approaching, people are on the lookout for new clothes and new hairstyles. Everyone searches for a hairstyle that enhances their outfit and makes them look like a million bucks.


Women usually look for classy, simple and easy ways to braid their hair. They don’t want to spend much time and effort on doing their hair but still want it to look effortlessly pretty. In this article, we shall share with you the information regarding a few basic braid extension hairstyles and how these hairstyles can transform your look completely. So without further ado, let us go check out those braid extensions.


Learning how to use braid extensions could be a tough and time-consuming process that requires a lot of patience. The usual and common types of braid extensions are cornrows, box braids and crochet braids. Though it is a time consuming process you can learn and perfect the process. With the help of braid extensions, you can achieve elaborate braid hairstyles.


Box braids are a very popular style for the summer. Celebrities like Beyoncé and famous movies like Poetic Justice have popularized this haircut. This style makes use of synthetic, straight hair to form long braids. The term “box braids” came as a result of the box-shaped parts that are formed when this style is created. The sealed are achieved by using a lighter to burn the fake hair. The fishtail twist is an elegant braid hairstyle that looks very intricate and detailed but is actually quite easy to achieve. You can add more style to your wigs by accessorizing it with the help of some clips or even use a hat to take your look one step further.


If you wish to accentuate your lips and your eyes, go for a middle parting. Micro braids also look really good on women who have long hair. Coloured micro braids are also a trend that are breaking the internet today. If you are someone who has naturally wavy hair, go for wavy micro braids. You could also use hair extensions to make your micro braids look more attractive.


Micro braids with curls are also popular. The undercut with micro braids is another stylish and neat hairstyle. It also very easy to maintain. Micro braids look good for short, medium and long hair. If you are someone who has a prominent face, then micro braids will look good on you. If you are someone who has an oval shaped face, then embrace those micro braids. They will make you look effortlessly beautiful. If you require more length or volume then get extensions to get the look that you prefer.


You could also achieve cornrows by using extensions. The braided bangs are officially back in style. So get ready to go all retro. To get this look part your hair down to the middle and get a braid at each side. If you wish to get more volume, use hair extensions.

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