Box Braids Hairstyles For Women



The box braids being one of the most prominent hairstyle for all the African-American women out there, is certainly one of the hottest hairstyle ever. Even though this hairstyle looks totally sexy and appealing, it has it’s own charm of drooling people.




With the much more significance of the hairstyle in the recent times and bigger popularity of it, here is a list of styles and ideas that you can use to style your box braids. Have a look and you’ll want to try them all for sure.




The box braids up-do hairstyle is the one in  which you can braid different strands of your hair together and pull some of them on top of your head to make a clean or a messy little up-do. This look is perfect to sport in the summer and best for the long haired girls out there.




Dirty blonde box braids, basically being the simple box braids hairstyle but the only difference being the hair color of dirty blonde. This color gives the box braids structure an even hotter touch and looks great to pull off to. This one is definitely the one to make statement everywhere. Hot, hot, hot!




The jet black braid up-do, done with the hair color of total black, and putting all the braids up to form a huge up-do, is certainly one of its kind. This sassy, bold look draws a lot of attention to your face and highlights every feature perfectly to give you a clean, chiseled look.




The short bob cut box braids hairstyle, savior for all the short haired ladies out there, is literally the cutest box braids hairstyle to ever exist. It certainly goes well with all kinds of clothes and is perfect to pull off for the summer beach picnics. Gracias, ladies.




The twisting box braids, where you can overlap your braids over each other and twists them on the sides of your head, makes a super funky and adorable look to pull off anytime you want. This cute hairstyle is all up for the ladies to put a little girl vibe into them. So cute!




The ponytail box braids, where you can tie your strands of braids on top of your head with a little up-do there, and letting the rest flow downwards, is definitely the go-to box braid hairstyle for everyone. This ponytail box braid hairstyle is far more comfortable to pull off and lets you take the fun in the sync of it altogether.




The waterfall box braids, with the strands of braids coming out from the up-do on the top, making it appear like a waterfall is definitely heart striking and beautiful here. It looks so good and is much more preferable for long hair and dyed or highlighted hairs.




The double wrap up-do, with two little buns on top and other strands of braids falling below, is definitely the most adorable box braid hairstyle ever. It is rather comfortable to wear than the other ones and will definitely make you look much younger than usual, because of its quirky vibes.

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