Bowl Cut Hairstyles For Women



Most of the best trends people are following in the contemporary times has already got its roots from the late 70’s and 90’s. For example, the stripped pants, baggy jeans and tops, metallic and shimmery clothes that models like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, Karlie Kloss and many other profoundly Rock in today’s times, were already being popularized by the elder generation a long time back. And it’s not just clothes that have returned to people’s savior here. There are hairstyles as well. And one of the most prominent one here definitely is the famous bowl-cut hairstyle which went underrated in the consumption of time but all hail to the A-lists celebrities here, who have restored the faith in bowl-cut hairstyles once again. Drawing some inspiration from celebrities like Rihanna, Halsey, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, Zendaya amongst many others, here are some reasons for you to consider if you are planning to sport this super funky hairstyle this year.




A bowl cut looks great if you pair it with some edgy colors and it can make you stand out in the crowd anywhere, anytime. Be it dirty blondes, sassy red, dark brown or even black, you can rock the bowl cut look with your total style and confidence out there.




Bowl cut hair is the most ideal choice for you if you have naturally straight hair. Being a straight and sleek cut itself, women with straight hair tend to look ten times better with this hairstyle as it presents your features in a much better way and give you the ultimate bold look.




Bowl cut hair is a perfect choice for the women with long faces. This hairstyle tends to make your face appear rounder and shortens your face to make you look more of a younger and cheeky person.




Bangs with bowl cut is a go-to for everyone out there. Isn’t it already mentioned enough everywhere in the world that bangs always make you look younger and give your hair a much bigger volume of hair? So, what is the wait for? Take up to have a bowl cut look with cute bangs hanging in the front and you are promised to turn heads around your direction the entire day.




Bowl cut hairstyle is the one with the least amount of maintenance. Even with your bed-head, you can go out without glancing in the mirror because your hair is bound to look good in any proportion because of this hairstyle. So, all the lazy heads out there, here’s your chance to look good without even trying.




Bowl cut look paired with an edgy hint of makeup can make your look the most memorable and unique one at any event. Smokey eyes or maybe dark lipstick, you can add any shade of makeup and it will give you the boldest and sexiest look out there.


Bowl cut look can look good with minimal make up as well. If you’re a busy person or just not that into makeup and styling, this hairstyle is just the right one for you because even if you put make up on or not, this hairstyle already makes your face appear more detailed than usual. So, you don’t have to go the extra mile to have a shakier look. The hairstyle is already enough for you.

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