Bowl Cut For Men Hairstyles



Since the trend has been doing its rounds recently, you must have noticed many celebrities, sportsmen and singers nailing the bowl cut over and over again. And probably, you might have imagined yourself in the same haircut many a times.


The bowl hair cut for men has always been in trends and guys around the globe love it. But then again, there are a few ways to rock the look and to choose the right bowl cut for your face type or it might turn out to be a disaster.


The medium size bowl is all about the rock star look. In this hair cut, the top of the bowl falls over the sides of the undercut and the sides are smooth and look satisfyingly flat. The sides are perfectly shaved so that the mastery of the cut highlights the entire look for good.


Most guys prefer the hipster design for the coveted look that it provides. The bowl of this look starts at the most upper part of the head and then beautifully falls in the entire head covering the whole skull. Want to rock the look? Grow a short bullhorn mustache!


If you think bowl cannot be long, then hey! Look at this one. The long and side swept bowl cut is for guys who like to keep it long and beautiful. After you have grown your hair, it is cut in order to give a mushroom effect. The hair then falls in the both sides, back and the front and a part of the hair in the forehead is beautifully given a side swept. Tada! Your long and side swept bowl is ready.


This one is going to enhance the beauty of the features of your face. The curly bowl is all about enhancing your handsomeness more and more and this is the reason why guys love it. All you need to do is make your hair curly and then get a mushroom impression done just like the long and side swept bowl. Just make sure the mushroom effect doesn’t go beyond your ears and all those eyes will be on you handsome!


Have you ever tried a blond bowl cut? Well this one is called the blonde and modern bowl cut where you have to blonde your hair and shave the sides of your hair. Make sure to leave a few hair strands to fall smoothly. The top of the hair is perfectly trimmed into medium size and then parted into one side. The hairstyle is easy to maintain but gives you an elegant look.


When you are unable to decide the right bowl cut for you, always choose the safest option and that is the faded nape one. The hair cut will make an impressive look on you and you will for sure nail the look. The cut starts where a big amount of hair at the top is cut like a mop and then it keeps fading when the fall goes down. The cut actually wins a lot of hearts and is pretty amazing one if you know how to carry.


These bowl cut hair styles for men are doing its rounds these days. Like any of these? Why not try then?

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