Bow Hairstyles For Women



The bow hairstyle has been in recent times associated with singer Lady Gaga the most. She is one of those celebrities who loves this hairstyle a lot. This hairdo will perhaps always be associated in one way or the other with a girl’s childhood days. After all, that is the time when hair bows are the common go to style for toddlers and little girls alike. But, this is one cool style even in one’s older age, that is if it is worn correctly.




There are quite a few ways in which one can style a bow into one’s hair. One can style it into the back part of the hair just around where the crown starts to end while allowing the rest of the hair to fall freely downwards if not in a wavy manner. The bow hairstyle can also be designed into a short haircut just around the nape. This also looks quite classy, especially on blonde hair.




But if a girl wants to take a leaf out of Lady Gaga’s style book, then she can go for the bow sitting right on top of the head look. This look is very quirky and quite cute at the same time. Now this look itself again, has two variations. A girl can style the bow either towards the front part of the head or towards the back part. Either way, this is a fun look.




Now if a girl wants to go for a lot more subtlety with her bow hairstyle look, then she can style a little bow on one side of her head towards the back of the crown and top off the look with a classic middle parting. But, if a girl wants to go for something a bit loud then she can go for a voluminous bow on the top rear part of the hair which is then finished off in a vibrant yet classy shade of purple.




However, bow hairstyles are not all about styling the bow directly into the hair. One can even accessorize the hair with a cute bow which can be a big one or a small one. One such cool look is a red polka dotted bow on a mane of shiny blonde hair. A silky yellow bow also looks cool on a blonde hairdo.




A girl can also top off a mane of flowing light brown hair with a light red bow while a light pink bow looks cute on a ponytail of dark hair. But, what looks even cooler, is a silky turquoise blue hair bow on platinum blonde hair.




These styles are so cute that they can become too hot to handle at times. However, this isn’t a look that can be pulled off by everyone and a girl needs to be doubly sure before she treads on this path of experimentation. But then, the sweetness level of this hairdo is unmatched and the style itself is reminiscent of one’s good old childhood days when living life was the key and life’s worries for most were but unknown quantities.

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