Boho Hairstyles For Women




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Boho hairstyles for women


Bohemian hairstyles are all about being wild, free and creative while managing to look beautiful. It’s the kind of hairstyle that can be adorned by women and girl of all ages, whether one is a young teenager, a girl in her prime youth or in the later years. The best part of bohemian hairstyles is that it so diverse and anybody can pull it off, be it long hair or short, blond, brunette or black.


The boho hairstyles include, but re not limited to braids. When it comes to braids, one can try a variety of styles and forms to bring out some unique look with different combinations. Accessories are of great help in adding something extra and effortlessly glamming up the look.


Compiled here are few of the popular bohemian looks that we love to follow-


Braid the bangs: For those of us with long bangs, braiding them up from the front, taking them all the way mid-back to pin it up. Put on a gorgeous smile and you’re all set with a cute impression.


Vintage: The vintage boho looks best with free long flowing hair with a parting in the middle. Big loose waves compliment this one, and so does highlights. Any face shape goes with this and that’s a bonus!


Side swept: This looks best on voluminous hair with natural waves or straight hair. Large sections of braids run down from the hairline to one side and secured halfway with the rest flowing free. Soft curled bangs and loose strand here and there, all set to go!


Half and half: One of the most common bohemian hairstyle, this one has braids coming in from the front to the back in twist, curls, small or big braids and joining down to trail up with another braid or simply left free.


The Crown: Done in small or big flat braids weaving around the head, the crowned hair looks simple yet regal and works well for medium to long hair.


Twins fishtails: Another easy and effortless hairstyle, this comprises of a parting in the middle and two loose braids trailing down to the tip and secured with small elastic bands.


Tiny braids: Not a big fan of big braids? The boho look works well with small braids trailing down from the top, either let loose or pulled up and pinned in a mass.


Braid-free: Some of us, try as we might, simply cannot twist our fingers into forming those pretty braids. Who said braiding is a must? A braid-free boho look can still be rocked with a curling iron and some pretty headbands. Pull it over the head and amass those locks with big loose curls, all done!


Bun at the top: While two braids can race down from the front to end in a bun at the top, with a parting in the middle, it can be done without as well. Just add in a pretty hair accessory and let loose the rest of the hair.


A lot can be achieved with bohemian hairstyles due to its diversity. One can get as creative as can be and bring about different looks to the classic ones. Having accessories like headbands, hair wraps, and adding flowers or flower garlands come in handy. Trendy headbands are available for which less effort is required into the style. Flower garlands, tribal headbands, metallic gold/copper, beaded headband and headpieces add a glam to the classy boho. Try out a variety of combinations and see what works best for you.

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