Blunt Haircuts For Women



Blunt haircuts for women are the most fashionable over a period of time compared layered and step cuts. Women chooses blunt hairstyle for their formal suit pairing with elegant black cut shoes with a well- kept and natty make- over. Women with straight sleek goes for this spick and span hairstyle.


Blunt haircuts for women can both be short and long with one’s hair color preferences. Most bob cuts will be made blunt for women with fine hair making the outlook more pixie and sassy. The length depends on once preferences and choices depending on their scalp dimensions. Blunt bob looks stunning with straight thick volume full bangs or micro bangs.


Woman choosing a short and sassy haircut opts for a fantabulous and throwing blunt and short bob. This bob will be dashing on extravagant light shaded golden blonde with its mesmerizing strands. Black highlights on these golden blonde will be striking and gorgeous. Woman with this kind of hairstyle mostly chooses a gray shade with a perpendicular streaks of black or peppy shades.


Blunt hairstyles on wavy hair strands suiting a casual wear will be exuberant and extravagant with a side partition and a colorful bandhana tie up. These blunt hairstyles can also be sometimes made for rounded bob wrapping up once head. These blunt haircuts when made on a wavy bob looks classy when gets accompanied by some front bangs swept side way covering some part of the forehead.


Blunt hair make- over can also be up to one’s shoulder length accompanied by a feather cut with side bangs and side partition is an outstanding make-over when made on a platinum blonde. This suits formal, casual and party wear projecting the hair strands which are feathered to be stupendousand phenomenal.


Bob haircut is the blunt hairstyle which most of the women prefers. A line bob haircuts has its own types of medleys and ranges based on which it varies in accordance with a person’s hair texture, style, hair color, hair thickness and other important features of a particular hair. Depending on the above A line bob hairstyle can be short or long, wavy or straight, blunt or edgy, multilayered or inverted bob which is also popularly known as stacked haircuts which again based on the density of one’s hair.


A bunt hairstyle can be fully straight, fully curly, wavy and partially straight and curly. A full straight bob gives a formal look which has a neat finish. A curly blunt bob has its own dimensions with which its uniqueness will resemble a chic bob hairstyle. Blunt haircut with a wavy hair gives a casual look which doesn’t appear like a parlor made hair. Above all blunt haircuts get diversified with the color of the hair.


Hair color for a blunt haircut can be entirely black, brown, blonde, grey, dramatically purple, bold red, depending on the skin color of the person and the style haircut. Streaks on blunt haircut makes the strands more bouncy and wavy where these streaky highlights will be projected for one’s uniqueness.

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