Blunt Bangs Hairstyles For Women



There are many hairstyles that are rocking and stay in trend, which are ranging from long styles to short hairstyles. However, to all the hairstyles there is this bangs accentuating all the lovely styles perfectly and offering a glam look.


Actually, getting fringe/bangs is an instant style statement and there is no better way to freshen up your boring hairstyle. The right bangs on your face shape will make your eyes pop, showing off your amazing face feature and still flattering.


After years of side-swept fringe, the straight-across blunt bangs is officially streaming again and models, celebrities alike are rocking their styles with the blunt bangs.


Generally, a blunt bang is a way of cutting the front part hair of head to fall off over the forehead and giving the ends a blunt cut. This way of blunt bangs usually hits the eyebrows or sometimes below the brows and offers a sexy, sophisticated look.


This blunt bangs works well on straight and thick hair texture, as the dense can give the bangs proper blunt cut and best shape as well. In addition, keep in mind that this type of bangs needs to blown straight daily to maintain the sleekness and achieve look as ever.


Surprisingly, as mentioned earlier most of the hairstyles you prefer goes well with blunt bangs. Even from short pixie cut to medium stylish bob and even long ponytails, look terrific with well-shaped blunt bangs.


If you already have, a medium length bob and going for blunt bangs along with it, then give some blunt ends to the bob as well. This can give you an overall super combination and the blunt bob ends looks cool hitting the chin line.


When you have natural long and sleek hair, try going for blunt bangs with high ponytail. This hairstyle will be great for any workplace environment and suits any occasions as well. Even blunt bangs with loose hair looks stunning and remains classic hairstyle forever.


Medium length wavy hair looks effortless with the blunt bangs, as the wavy texture loose hair and straight blunt bangs goes well with each other. Moreover, you can witness this most cool hairstyle in celebrity ‘Joan Small’s’, which is like a statement piece.


In addition, pay attention in highlighting the blunt bangs so that they can look as good as other strands and do not forget to give the same touch of color as the rest of your locs.


Nevertheless, with blunt bangs you can try various updos also for any wedding occasions or to party events. The blunt bangs with updos, can give you a casual look and best suits with any party dresses.


However, the only downside of the bangs is the maintenance, as most of the time you need to make friends with a curling iron and a brush to straighten out your blunt bangs and make them look perfectly appealing. You need to trim away the bangs at equal intervals to avoid looking messy with grown-out bangs.

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