Blue Hair Color Ideas For Women



Hair colors ranging from blonde shades to red or brown shades are some countless colors that were rocking the hair color industry. Although with these colors, there are some rainbow colors like pink and purple shades, which are quietly popular now.


Likewise, the recent trendy hair color belonging to the rainbow hair colors is the ‘Blue’ color. The denim blue colors are incredible, because they can be simultaneously avant-grade and down to earth shades as well.


Moreover, the denim dark blue hue with a hint of blue is not only mysterious but also very flattering and one of the most popular unnatural hair colors. This hair color makes perfect sense and obviously, it is a great way to show your daring side with every turn of your head exposing the blue hue.


Denim blue hair color has to have lots of texture in order to look stylish. Therefore, depending upon your natural hair texture, make choice wisely ranging from highlights or lowlights. With interesting combinations of dark blue shades to lighter one that goes well with the hair type and texture.


The skin undertones play a vital role in selecting the blue hue shades as well. If your skin is cool and has some pinky undertones, then you should go for cold shades of blue hue. That ranges from navy blue or silvery blue, sometimes sky blue, indigo and baby blue would be the best go.


When your skin tone is somewhat yellowish or olive based, then warm shades of blue like turquoise, mint and dark marine blue would be flattering and offers an ultra-dramatic look.


Then, you should consider the haircut and the texture of your hair that already exists. For sleek and short bob haircuts, the exotic shine of blue over the jet-black hair will be statement-making color. Even with long hair, this ocean blue shine goes well.


With the same bob style and with thin hair texture, you can also go for icy blue dye to look perfect and enhance the overall fine haircut. To give a touch, add hint of dark roots to get little more edgy look.


Natural wavy texture hair looks stunningly flawless with two-tone hair colors. This tow-tone color makes a way to enhance the voluminous look and with every movement, the bouncy nature looks glossy.


Perfect two-tone combinations like, aqua and bright hue or dark and light blue hue are some widely used styles amongst celebrities. Always make sure, the darker shades are from the roots until the mid and start lighter shades from the mid that reaches until the ends.


The soft shades towards the ends enhance the likeness and give an extreme gorgeous overall look.


If you do not want complete denim blue hue to your hair, but want a touch of it. Then there is another option for it even, you can go for blue hue highlights to the natural hair color. A bold blue highlight placed between the hairs, peaking out of your natural dark or blonde shade hair will draw attention in the crowd.

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