Blowout Fade Haircut For Men



The blowout hairdo for girls is achieved by essentially styling the hair with the help of a hairdryer. This look is quite trendy and has been popular for some time. This very cool look gives a girl’s hair that bouncy texture and makes it look voluminous. But the blowout fade hairstyle is a totally different kettle of fish altogether. Out goes all the volume and the bouncy hair and it is basically the shortest possible version of the crew cut for women. No long locks, no extravagant braids, nothing.




This hairdo which is better known as the temp fade is basically a very popular hairdo for the black men but it has also been picked up by the gals. This hairdo uses shaved hair and shows it off in the finest possible way. And, just because it is short, it doesn’t mean that the hair can’t be stylish.




Curly hair on top works really well with the temp fade hairdo. One can go for a few colouring options too to jazz up this hairdo even more. Shades of copper brown and red add a lot of pizzazz to the temp fade hairdo. However the simple black curls with faded sides look just as cool.




Girls can also opt for a two tone colour scheme with the curls on top coloured a shade of brown and the hair underneath left in a shade of raven black. However, if a girl wishes to go to town with the temp fade hairdo then cherry red extensions formed into a high top bun of dreadlocks and sitting on pulled back dark hair just looks fantastic.  But, this hairdo isn’t for the fainthearted.




However girls without curls can also have a lot  of fun with this hairdo. A simple crop of thin hair with buzzed sides look really cool and it adds that edge to a girl’s overall look. Again, just like curls, girls can also go for many colouring options with their straight temp fade hair. Shades of red, burgundy, caramel can work wonders for such ultra-short hairdos.




Girls seeking a bit more volume can go for more hair on the top with a massy of blown out curls dominating the top half and the buzzed sides complementing it by providing a stark contrast. Those, who choose to leave a bit more hair on the top can also go for a colourful Mohawk on the top with sides that are shaved or buzzed. Girls can also stick to the tried and tested by going for a mass of curly brown hair with a few curls falling on the forehead for that flirtatious look. But, if it is edginess that a girl wants then she can go for a short curly mass of platinum white hair with buzzed sides contrasting it as usual.




These are some of the funkiest blowout fade hairdos in the business. This look is primarily for the African American women who want to go for a lighter hairdo for a change. This hairstyle is surprisingly very versatile and perhaps the most manageable hairdo of them all. No wonder, girls dig it so much!

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