Blonde Balayage Hair Color Ideas



Blonde Balayage Hair colors




Tired of frequent touch ups and unnatural colour tones of hair coloring? The saviour is balayage highlights and colouring. While the trend is gaining ground across the globe, we have some tips in the blonde specialisation of balayage. Blonde itself has countless options available and balayage is just another cherry on the cake.




  1. Just Simply Blonde: One can go for a complete blonde avatar, where a single shade of chosen blonde is picked and applied. It’s more fuss free and gives an elegant look.



2. The Cool Girl Waves: One can done the Cool Girl avatar with darker blonde shades above and choosing lighter ones while moving to the end strands.




3. The Long luscious curls: To give a bounce and new life to the long hair, the amalgamation of curls with colours to own a blonde look will be perfect definition of a ‘bronde’.




4. Grey Is the New Hey: If you don’t want to settle on the long locks in simple style then pick up the grays. If you thinking that gray is the dull doll, then think again because times have changed and so has the colouring trends. Some icy grey will be best teamed up with light blondes and will turn you into a head-turner.




5. Go Cool with Caramel: Loose curls tainted in brownish caramels will do the magic for the working woman who is running along with the hands of clock.




6. The Ash Passion: Other hues like Grays and ash have redefined the blonde world where just browns were the only visible shades earlier. A little dab of ash with gray can get you in the bandwagon of trendsetters.




7. Fancy Spiral Blonde Layers: Loose spiral waves cut can best be worn along with some darks in the ends and lights on above. Something off the track for the unique blonde lovers.




8. The Lavender Wonder: Don’t sulk by thinking that blonde has a handful of colours to own, but here is another cherry on the cake with lavender coming into the scene. Lighter shades of lavender with icy gray can give you the eye-catching look.




9. Be the curl queen: Blonde and colour should never be a bad combo in balayage. The perks are volumes of locks and brightness of colours. What else do you need to shine? Carry the curl with confidence!




10. The Hot Honey: A warm rich honey coloured tone tainted to your luscious locks styled in loose casual waves will give you the look of a drop dead gorgeous diva.




11. Platinum on plate: A sleek and clean look can be crowned with the platinum hue teamed up with light browns or caramels.




12. Go the silvery side with honey: A combination of honey with silver highlights can be the eyeball grabbing style you can crown yourself with.




13. The Gray play with brown blonde: Combining the two extremes like gray-the new entrant and brown-the forever king can turn any princess into a blonde queen.




14. Bleach is not an itch: Going bleached at the ends with brown at up can set your own segment amongst the trend seekers.




15. Be the extremist: Using the darkest, starkest and boldest of shiny browns upwards and the exact opposite lightest browns at the ends will give your strands a ‘something-to-die-for’ look.




So blonde is not boring anymore with these styles and balayage colours in your life to inject the sheen. Get, Set, Go!

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