Black Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Having thin hair can be really stressful at times. Especially when you want to style them in a particular way but the thinness and the lesser volume tends to make your hair look limp or exposes your scalp. This is more so a problem for black women for whom the hair is already damaged due to it’s curl patterns, high porosity and years of heat styling treatments

Although not all black women have thin hair, most of them do. Don’t let the fluffy afro fool you into thinking that every black woman wearing an afro has really thick hair. Such is not the case. As a black woman you must have noticed plenty of fellow black ladies have really limp and dead haircuts, especially the type 2 and type 3 curls textured hair which doesn’t have the natural volume of a type 4 curls texture.

If you’re one of them who is struggling with thin hair but are not interested in using tons of hair products to make your hair look more voluptuous, here are some simple and easy hairstyles that might help you to style your thin hair in unique and beautiful ways to give yourself the voluminous look you have always wanted to.

The Shag Haircut: The shag or the bangs hairstyle can be pretty helpful to hide the thinness of your hair when it comes to a receding hairline. You can wear real or faux bangs and can also wear it along with straightened hair. The bangs/shag falls just over the eyebrows and is it a great style to cover up a long forehead as well. Plus, it is easy and not too time consuming as well to style the bangs. So, anytime you feel lazy to spend effort and time on your look, take the curler and create loose and shaggy waves to have a perfect boho look for any occasion.

Pixie haircut for short black hair: Short haircuts and styling your hair in a shorter style like pixie to make it look rather more voluptuous and thick may sound counter-intuitive to most but is actually a great idea to cover up the thinness of your hair and give yourself a more confident and bold look. Sometimes a short pixie can change the way your tresses lie. They can either tighten up the curls and make them look denser or change the patterns in a way that your exposed scalp gets covered up.

Twist hairstyles: Try twisting your hair on different sides and clutch them with Bobby pins or any other hair accessories to make your hair stand out and look thicker than ever. Twisting and curling your hair at the right places will definitely give you a bold yet adorable look which would go pretty great with summer dresses or even evening dresses.

Ponytail for thin hair: Ponytail is a great hairstyle for thin haired black ladies. The ponytail pulls your hair together, which is the opposite of say free flowing hairstyle, and when combined with your curl pattern, creates the illusion of a thick full mane of hair. A perfect ponytail can go out with any outfit and will always give you the bold and sexy look to stand out with. Let it be a tight and sleek ponytail without any hair falling out. A proper ponytail can help make your hair look thicker and fuller than ever.

Messy bun for thin hair: A messy bun is a great hairstyle to add a ton of volume to your hair. Either your hair will naturally fluff up at the mane given your curl type or you can add a bit of of fluff to your mane by messing and loosening up the bun a bit. This is an excellent hairstyle to wear to work or formal events for thin haired black women.

Braids for thin black hair: Just like the messy bun, braids too are an excellent hairstyle to add some fluff to your mane and for the very same reasons. You can messy up and loosen the braids to add more volume to the main or you can also try some crown braids or fishtail braids to add some volume to the braids itself.